Sunday, June 26, 2011

Georgia Is Doing Well

Well, the surgery went well yesterday. It was a stressful time for Momma but Georgia did fine.

Here are a couple of photos I took before the surgery. One of her sitting with me in the waiting room and one in pre-op waiting to be wheeled into surgery.

We are lucky that they only had to set it and insert the pins from the tip of her finger. Not tendon trauma to fix.

Unfortunately they put a terrible splint on her hand this time and it has already come off completely once. I almost rushed her back to the hospital but I got it re-wrapped it and she seems okay so I will wait until tomorrow and call the doctor. She has an appointment on Tuesday to get a cast put on it so maybe they can just do it tomorrow instead.

She is doing great (other than the terrible splint) and hasn't slowed down at all (unfortunately! ha). I am sure she will heal quickly and will not even remember any of this happened.

Now for me it was a totally different story! I was totally stressed out and ended up with a migraine that never ended yesterday. But today I am fine after a good nights sleep and 3 advil! lol

Okay, I have a ton of stuff to do today. I still plan to leave for Oklahoma on Tuesday if possible so I need to get those DT projects done and posted and pack!

Thanks for the emotional support!!! I truly appreciate every comment.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Broken Finger Update

Broken finger update....

I took Georgia to the surgeon today and he said she definitely has to have surgery to have it set and pins put in it. He has her scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 9am. He originally had it scheduled for 2:45pm and I was really worried about how I was going to keep her from eating or drinking that long. I guess when I said something about it to the nurse she must have said something to him because I got a call a couple of hours later saying the time had been changed to 9am. I'm so much happier about that!

We have to be there at 7am. I am going to take her and my hubby will stay home with the other kids. She is doing really well. She is a tough little girl. They had to take off her old splint and put on a fancy new one. It is much nicer and she wanted me to take photos. I hope you laugh at the last photo because I sure did.

I wanted to thank everyone for all the sweet comments that were left yesterday. I really do appreciate them.


Two Pink Peas Has Candy!

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

ER Visit

Well, I've had an exciting afternoon. I just got home from the Emergency Room where I had to take my 3 year old. Her brother shut her finger in a closet door and broke it. It snapped it in two and the top part of the bone slid off the bottom part. They tried to fix it buy pulling it back into place but that didn't work very well so it looks like she might have to have surgery to have a pin put in it. Probably tomorrow. We go to the surgeon in the morning at 7:30am.

My husband is out of town and I had to take all 5 kids with me. I almost forgot about my 5 year old who was in school! (yes, I'm working on that mother of the year award) Luckily for me my older daughter reminded me and I called his school and barely got him before he was put on the bus. We swung by to get him on the way to the hospital. 5 hours later we finally got to come home.

I was so awful listening to her cry all the way to the hospital and say over and over, "I hurt momma, I hurt momma". Ripped my heart out. She has it in a splint and has been given pain medication so she is doing okay now. Phew, rough day!

I uploaded these two card photos yesterday so it would be easy for me to do the post today. So I guess I will tell you a little about them.

The first card is a little thank you card I made for my card challenge at Sketches4all. You have to use a Pagemaps sketch. I wanted to make it monochromatic. And I embossed the sentiment and star.

The second card I made at The Color Connection Tour. I actually made the whole card there at the crop but hated the flower I put on it. Well, it has sit to the side now for a little while because I couldn't think of how to fix it. I finally decided to pull off the lime green flower and add this bling to the top. I think it looks much better now. It is glimmer misted and inked within an inch of it's life! lol It was messy to make but super fun too.

Okay, I need to get offline and get the kids ready for bed. Hope you had a less eventful day!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Something Blue for Scrap Our Stash

Wow, I can't believe it it is already Wednesday! This week is rushing by. It has started to turn into summer here in Las Vegas and we have temperatures in the 100's all week. I took the kids out for lunch and shopping today. Every time we got back in the car it was like getting into an hot oven. Really miserable. But we still had a fun day.

I have been trying to get things organized for our drive to Oklahoma in a few days. I will be taking my 3 older kids, my dogs and my bird in my RV. There is a lot to get organized! It makes me tired just thinking about it! LOL

I have also been trying to get all of my DT posts ready to go before I leave for Oklahoma because shortly after arriving in Oklahoma my hubby and I are going on vacation together. We are leaving the kids with the grandparents and taking an adults only vacation. I can't wait! But it does mean I have a ton of stuff to get ready.

I will get it done soon enough. No worries.

I want to share a layout I started at The Color Connection Tour in CA and finished up here at home. I love this new resist paper from Pink Paislee. They were kind enough to let us use paper that hasn't come out yet!! It was a cream color to start and I used some distress ink to color it that blue color. I felt like with this monochromatic layout a black and white photo would really work best. It is a photo of my grandparents. (I sure miss them) They also gave us a ton of gorgeous embellies to use. I loved the ribbon and bling the most!! Isn't it yummy?

What do you think of my layout?? Like it? I made it for the June Challenge at Scrap Our Stash which is "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue". You can use any or all of the prompts. (I went with "something blue" obviously. ha) You should go join in on this challenge.

Tonight I have spent the evening painting. I recently received two new stamp sets from the Sheena Douglas Paint Fusion collection. The two sets I received are the Sunflower Stamp set and the Tulip Stamp set and both are so bright and beautiful! They will be debuting in a couple of days on June 30th at Crafter's Companion Store. I have been painting sunflowers on everything that isn't moving! LOL So be prepared to seem them in the future. I must admit that I am not a painter but I do have fun trying to get it right! lol

Okay, got to go and watch So You Think You Can Dance with the kids.

More tomorrow....

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sweet Summertime

Hi everyone,

Here is a layout I made for the Crafter's Companion Blog. They are getting ready to come out with this adorable stamp line called Humphrey's Corner Collection. They are all about Humphrey the Elephant. And that Humphrey is a cutie pie! This collection will debut on June 23rd. And you can get them at the Crafter's Companion Store. (you will want to at least go look at them because they are so sweet!)

I had this great photo of my kids together on my son, Jesse's 11th birthday. It was taken right before he opened his presents. We had been gone all day having fun at the MGM Grand Hotel and then we came home. I made tacos for dinner. We were just waiting for my husband to come home with my 3 year old daughter. She had spent the week at her grandmothers house in California. Their plane was delayed and the kids were all getting anxious. (especially the birthday boy who wanted to open his presents!! lol)

Finally my husband got home and everyone was so happy to see him and Georgia. You can just see the happiness on their faces. Soooooooooo....I decided to scrap this photo with some great summery paper I bought from Little Yellow Bicycle in their Sweet Summertime collection. I think the page is called Fireflies Glitter.

Humphrey just seemed to fit perfectly on the layout . I colored him with my Copics and then used a Spellbinders Nestabilities die to cut him out.

I like how it turned out. I hope you do too.

My guests all left yesterday and it seems so quiet around here today. (I know....crazy....quiet with 5 kids?! lol) I think we are all just missing everyone.

It sure was a fun weekend.

I have a couple of random questions. What time of day to you get to scrap? And how often do you get to scrap. Share!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

3rd Giveaway Posted and Fun Weekend!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have now posted my 3rd Blogiversary Candy!! I have added the I-Bond Cordless Hot Glue Gun and 3 different kinds of mini glue sticks (Clear, Colored and Glitter).

If you want to enter to try to win this or one of my other two giveaways go here to enter. DO NOT ENTER ON THIS POST.

We have had the best weekend!! We have had some friends come into town and stay with us. They stayed two nights at the MGM Grand Hotel and then they moved to our house for the next two nights. We have had a wonderful house full of happy children and fun adults! TOTAL BLAST!

My son, Jesse, had his 11th birthday on Friday and we spent the day at the MGM in their Lazy River pool with our friends and then we hit the arcade afterwards. We had a family party at home in the evening. The next day when all the friends came to our house we had a pool party for him and celebrated with more cake and ice cream and presents. He has really had a great birthday.

I hope you have had as good a weekend as we have! Don't forget to go join in on my Blogiversary Giveaways!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Two Winners! I Reached 1000!

I made it to 1000 Followers!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!

My 1000th follower is Gail F. Thank you Gail for pushing me over the top. I will be sending you a SWEET RAK in the mail as a little thank you.

But wait....let's go a little further and pick a random winner too!! Random Generator has picked lucky number.....177 Becky Dunham!!

Becky if you will email me your address I will pop a RAK in the mail to you also. scrapwithstacy at blogspot dot com (you have until June 22nd to do this)

I wish you all could have been here to see how excited my kids were to see my followers reach 1000. They were screaming and hopping up and down and giving each other high fives. It was super cute. Thanks so much for following me and making them (and me) happy!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Crazy Busy Week!

I am sorry to not have been posting but it has just been crazy busy this week. It was the last week of school for the kids (well of regular school anyway). We had end of school parties, award ceremonies, graduations and then this weekend my sister came in town to visit and some friends were in town visiting too.

I did try to post on Sunday but blogger wouldn't upload photos for me. But luckily it is currently working so cross your fingers that I get his finished and posted soon.

First I want to share a layout that my son, Quinn made. He was able to be Principal for 30 minutes and was so excited about it that he rushed home and scrapped about it.

I think he did a fabulous job! But I am biased!! lol What do you think?? Leave him some love....(please) You know he is going to want to read your comments.

Now to the photos, there is a picture of my 3 year old at her end of school party with her teacher. Next is a photo of my 5 year old during his end of school program. They were singing and marching around the room and I think this photo is so cool with the background all blurry and him super clear.

My two older boys graduated from 5th grade and they had a big graduation ceremony. This is a photo from after the ceremony. They were so happy and proud.

The final kid photo is my dd after her award ceremony. She was on the A/B honor roll and also got the Principals award!! WOO HOO!!

We went bowling after school on the last day. They all had a great time. We met up with other students.

The next day I took them to a pool party. We stayed all afternoon and they really had fun. Saturday we spent the day in our pool and then my sister and I went out to dinner with friends of mine that were in town visiting. We went out to dinner at RM Seafood. It was an awesome dinner!! So much fun!! We had 7 courses with wine pairings and they gave us 3 extra "bites". We started with an oyster bite, then they brought a rabbit bite, then the first course was octopus, I can't remember everything but we also had scallops, lamb and a yummy cheesecake with bubblegum sorbet! Sounds crazy but it was all really delicious.

The best part was that it didn't cost us a penny!! One of my friends had won the dinner for 6! Wasn't he a sweetie!?

Sunday everyone came over to our house for a cookout and pool party. A few got sunburned but we all had an enjoyable day.

See what I mean about being crazy busy?!!

I took my sister to the airport this morning and then my husband and 3 year old in the afternoon. So I am home with just 4 kids now. My 5 year old has Extended School Year so he is still going to school during the day.

I have a another busy week planned with friends coming in town on Thursday so hopefully I can get some scrapping done tonight. I will try to post a bit more frequently this week. Thanks for being patient.

And thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


It is a super busy week because it is the last week of school. My 5th graders are having a promotion ceremony this evening. My two preschoolers are having their end of year school parties this morning, my 3rd grader is having her awards ceremony this afternoon. And my sister is coming to visit on Friday. And my husband is out of town all week. So it has been crazy around here and will continue to be crazy for a couple more days. So please bear with me.

I took photos of the kids getting on the bus for the last time this year. Here are photos of my two little ones and one of the whole group.

I recently received some new things from Crafter's Companion and I made something with them that I want to share. The things I received are new boards to go on my Crafter's Companion Ultimate Tool. One is called a Boxer and the other is the Envelobox Creator. COOLEST THINGS EVER! They also came with an Advanced Construction Techniques DVD.

I've been having so much fun working my way through all the projects on the DVD. And on Sunday I made this Set of Drawers which is from the advanced section of the DVD.

It took me a little time because there are several parts however it wasn't super hard. You basically use the Boxer to make 4 simple boxes and their holders. You then place them on a 6x6 piece of card stock. (you place them around the edges of the paper) Next you cover them with another 6x6 piece of card stock. I then cut strips of matching paper to glue on the front of each drawer and added a rose for a drawer pull. I lined the drawers with this pp too. Your base is now complete.

I made an Easel card slightly smaller than 6x6 and attached it to the top of the Set of Drawers. I used a Popcorn the Bear stamp from the Crafter's Companion Store and the patterned paper I used was also from them. It was from the Fairyopolis line.

The drawers are the perfect size for gift cards, candy or any number of other fun things.

To finish it off and make my 3d project more professional I used the Envelobox Creator to make an Envelobox to put the Set of Drawers in. The Envelobox is basically an envelope that is shaped deeper and wider than a regular envelope (like a box) so that your 3d projects can fit inside it. This is the simplest thing to do and takes literally a couple of minutes. Everyone needs one of these in the scrap supplies! (really)

Hey, while I am talking about my project for Crafter's Companion I need to tell you that they are having a giveaway on their site. You need to pop over and sign up and try to win!!!

And while you are over there if you comment on my project post I will give you a second entry into my Blogiversary Candy giveaways!! You can use the link above or just scroll down after looking at the CC giveaway post.

Okay, I'm off to finish getting ready for my busy day. Have a great Wednesday!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Second Blogisversary Candy!!

Did anyone notice that I added a Second Giveaway??!! Go check it out and sign up if you haven't already!! HERE

You must NOT sign up for the giveaway on this MUST go HERE.

I actually decided to extend the ending date of all of the giveaways to July 1st. And I just plan to add a total of 3 giveaways unless I pass 1000 followers and then I might be talked into adding more goodies!! I'm so excited to be checking out all these new blogs! It is really inspiring me!!

I'm in the middle of a project so I will end here and post more later.

Happy Monday!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Terri has Candy

Terri at has a giveaway going on her blog. Her son has written a book and she wants to help promote it so she is giving you a chance to win a copy!! So go over and sign up. I'm sure it will be a wonderful read.

Carri Has Candy!!

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Really Reasonable Ribbon Giveaway

Really Reasonable Ribbon is having a summer givaway! You should rush over and check it out!

Check Out Frea's Candy!

Frea at Creafrea has a lovely giveaway going on at her blog. She makes some of the most gorgeous cards and is a sweetheart. Go check it out!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Nanda Has Candy!

Nanda at Nanda Creatief has some pretty sweet looking candy to giveaway on her blog. You really should go and look at the beautiful cards she makes!!


Marianne has Candy!!!

You need to rush over and give some love to a fellow Crafter's Companion Challenge Blog DT member from across the pond-Marianne from Marianne's Craftroom!! She is celebrating her Ruby anniversary (40 years!!) and her 2nd blogiversary!! WOO HOO!! Congrats Marianne!!

Look at the yummy goodies she is giving away on her blog.

So rush on over and give her some good wishes!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Birthday Boy

Hi guys! What's up?

I'm in a reading mood and I had 5 new books downloaded to my kindle on Tuesday and have already read one book even though I had dental work done yesterday and didn't really feel so hot! So it has been hard to drag myself away from my book and come post. But for you I made the effort! lol

I thought I would share this Pink Paislee layout I made mostly at Color Connection. Isn't all of the Pink Paislee stuff gorgeous!?!? I think this is one of my favorite paper lines right now. It is so amazing in person! I wish it showed up as well in the photo. On the layout I used photos from my son, Quinn's 11th birthday. I made the flower by spraying Glimmer Mist on canvas Prima flowers and then painting them with some Glimmer Glam. The Glimmer Glam helps to let you form it into more of a flower shape kind of like starch.

Next I made a birthday card. I made it for a challenge at Sketches4all that Erin has going right now. The challenge is to make a project with a banner on it. Easy peasy. You should go enter!!

I stamped some different birthday sentiments on card stock and then I layered the banner across the card and wrote out Party Time. My card challenge at Sketches4all is to make a card using the theme/word TIME so I deliberately did the title this way so it would be a good example for my challenge. You can go enter my challenge too HERE.

Okay....back to my book! If you are readers, share your favorite book or a book you would recommend. I read most anything.