Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bathroom Challenge!

Here is a layout I made last night it is based on a great Practical Scrappers sketch. I had fun going into my bathroom cabinet and finding a toilet paper roll (empty) and painting it, cutting it up and making flowers out of it. The monthly challenge there is to look into your bathroom cabinet for stuff to use on your layout. I think these flowers turned out nicely. I even painted the inside of each strip a coordinating color.

This will be a quick post because they need to be posted today and because it is my sister, Jody's, birthday and we are going shopping!! Have a great day and be creative!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cards, cards and more cards

I spent part of yesterday scrapping with the kids and making birthday cards for my sister, Jody. She doesn't read this blog (I don't think) so I am pretty safe to go ahead and post some more of the cards we made.

One I took inspiration from some ribbon I had gotten

on sale at Big Lots. It was some brightly colored birthday ribbon in red, blue and yellow. I used a punch on some card stock and then layered some red hearts I cut out of red card stock. I used two of the ribbons to decorate the card. And then added a little glitter and bling to spice things up.

The other card I made is a little more quiet. If you read my blog yesterday you will see where my son, Jesse got the inspiration for his card. I had just made mine and he scrap lifted it! ha

I love the colors on the printed paper I used. Those lovely greens and blues. I added a little bling with the sparkling flowers and then added some dimension with the layered flowers.

I have been in a card making mood lately. I have been so busy this summer and cards are just a little quicker for me to do.

How about you?? What have you been working on lately?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Jody's Birthday Cards

Today Olivia and Jesse and I spent some time making birthday cards for my sister, Jody. Her birthday is this coming Wednesday.

Jesse made a really vibrant floral card in red, green and yellow and Olivia made an elegant yellow and green card.

I supervised but they made the cards themselves! I am really proud of the job they did.
They were pretty happy with the cards they made too. And they can't wait to give them to Aunt Jo!
Can someone come over and help me clean my crafting area now??!! lol

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Hi ladies! I got this super cute button punch the other day and have been dying to use it. So I made this sweet little card.
I punched holes in the top of the card and along the front edge and then lined the inside of the card with a some coordinating paper. I punched out the "buttons" and voila~!
Super easy except for the part where I cut my finger using my Martha Stewart circle cutter and tried not to get blood on the card! I have had the worst luck with that circle cutter. This is the 2nd time I have cut myself using it and it is only the 4th time I have used it!! I'm not sure if it is operator error or a design flaw. lol
I will survive and I didn't get the card messy and I think it turned out alright. Hope you are having a nice Sunday. I should be back from the wedding this afternoon.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Birthday Card

Here is a card I made the other night. I had just gotten the butterfly punch and wanted to try it out. I really like it although I had a little drama when I stamped the greeting on it.

Practical Scrappers has their Friday Sketch posted. And when I get back from a wedding I am going to this weekend I plan to make a layout. Here is the sketch so that you can play along too.

Hope your having a great Saturday!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thank You Card for Denise

I made this card for my friend and she finally got it in the mail so I am going to post it for you to see. I really had fun making it for her. You know how some time you just meet someone and make that connection that tells you that you will be friends forever? I am lucky to have found her, she is a sweetheart and cracks me up and she is always so patient and helps me all the time.
I think the card turned out really sweet. I decorated the inside too but didn't think to take a picture until I had already written in it...
I also wanted to let you know about a couple of blog hops I found. and You should go hop along!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jesse is 10!

I made this layout a couple of days ago but couldn't figure out what pictures to put in it. son, Jesse, had his 10th birthday last Thursday so I decided to go with what I had...meaning ...his bday pictures. It is based on a sketch challenge at Let's Scrap!
I am planning to run to Walmart and develop (print out) some pictures so I have something to use and inspire me.
What inspires you??
I didn't realize how much I use my pictures to inspire my layouts until I came here for vacation and didn't bring pictures with me. It has really slowed me down. And having poor Internet access didn't help either. But now the computer seems to be working better I go to get some pictures!
Have a great day!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lala's World Candy & Ron's Layout

Denise at has reached 5000 hits on her blog and wants to celebrate by offering YOU a chance to win some delish candy!!

I personally love yummy candy and have put my name in the hat. You should check her out and sign yourself up for a chance.

I have spent part of the morning making a layout using a sketch from Practical Scrappers to commemorate my husbands 25 year anniversary at I.B.M.

I have such a hard time with the "really special" layouts that I want to make. I seem to freeze up because I want them to look extra nice. I like how it turned out and I sure hope he does too.

Much Ado About Nothing Blog Candy

Pinky at Much Ado About Nothing... is offering some yummy candy!! You should rush over to her blog and check it out. Here is a picture of what she is offering.
Wouldn't you like some of that candy??

Monday, June 21, 2010

Trying to Post...


Who has been missing pictures on my blog??!! (ME!) I am able (for some reason, unknown to me) to post a few today...enjoy them while you can! ha

These are the cards I made from the kit (that I mentioned a few days I think they are cute and I am super happy my sweet friend, Denise, gave me the kit to make.
I wish I had uploaded more pictures since my connectivity is so good right now (but I better shut up or I will jinx myself! lol).

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!

I am hearing that Practical Scrappers has a new challenge this! I can't wait to make my layout for this challenge. I have really been dying to get busy crafting but have been so busy with family and fathers day. If I can get myself off the computer I will get busy scrapping! And then I will have something of interest to show you! ha

I hope everyone has been having a lovely weekend and that your fathers day was special. My kids had fun helping their dad celebrate his special day and I had my dad over for a nice little luncheon with our family.

Best to all.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Today I am using my husband's computer and he is giving me 20 minutes. It seems to be working wayyyyyyyyy better than mine here so I am going to try to upload the other card pictures that I was going to upload yesterday.

Okay, so I'm an idiot...they are on my computer (of course) and not on his computer so I will just....say hello.....

And I will try to upload them later on my computer. Hope you are having a great weekend.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Computer Misery

I am having a "bad" computer day here in computer "h - e - double hockey sticks" so please bear with me.

My friend, Denise, was very sweet and gave me 3 kits when she visited me. One of them was a card kit with ideas and stuff to make 5 super cute cards. I had a blast putting the cute little buggers together. Here are (hopefully...if they upload) pictures of some (or all) of the cards I made.
The kit is from Bazzill Card Studio for February.

I am working on a layout right now (or actually was before I got on the computer) that is based on a sketch from Let's Scrap! The sketch is so cute and I have the layout all made except for pictures. I can't decide what pictures to put on it.... do you ever do that? I usually start with pictures and then work out from there.

But since I am on "vacation" and away from my home. I don't have easy access to pictures. I have to do what most of you probably have to do...take them and get them printed. This has been hard because, for one reason...I have 5 kids and have most of them with me all the time... and secondly the weather here just hasn't been cooperating - what with flooding and rain storms etc. (wow! I sure am a complainer....! lol) point being....I will hopefully figure out the picture situation and post my layout tomorrow....

Although, my sister is coming to visit and bringing 2 of her grand babies to spend the night and they are 2 and 3 and I have a 2 year old, 4 year old, 8 year old and 2 ten year olds! Should be nice and quiet! ha

Well, the pictures aren't loading very quickly since I started trying to load them before I started writing this longgggggggggggg posting and they still aren't loaded. You might just get to wish you had seen them....

Hope your day is better. (Okay, 2 finally uploaded so I am going to post this before my computer messes up again and I will try to post the rest of them tomorrow.)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Today is my son, Jesse's 10th birthday so this will be short because I am BUSY! ha I haven't uploaded the pictures of any of my projects that I have completed so you will just have to enjoy a nice picture of my birthday boy with his teacher for your viewing pleasure today. If I have time I will upload some pictures this afternoon and post again.

And in case you were wondering...we survived the flood and all is back to normal here in Oklahoma. Hot and muggy!

Have a great day!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Cards

Here are a couple of cards I made when I first got my crafting area set up here in rainy Oklahoma. I had an idea of what design I would use for my card,. So, I made the first card and then used my scraps to make the second. My husband was very nice and let me scrap all day Saturday and he took care of the kids.

It has been crazy weather here. We have had major flooding and the rain just won't stop. It is raining really hard right now. The house backs up to a creek which is a little worrisome. Although, it hasn't become a problem yet. My poor mom is totally houselocked! There are no roads around her house that are not flooded. She is fine in her house but can't go anywhere and she has 2 of my kids visiting her.
Everyone cross your fingers for me.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pretty Paper

I made this card just because I liked the paper....and I am not sure if it photographed well enough for you to appreciate how pretty it is..(the paper, I mean. ha)
It is a cool graphic print in black, white and greys with some sparkle. And if you know me at all... you would know I love sparkle (and purple) and managed to get both into this card! ha
Hope you can see it okay...
Have a great day!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Card for Creatively Yours Sketches

Hi ladies, here is my latest creation. I made this card for Ann's June card sketch at Since I am out of town, my normal routine is all a flutter. This card sketch was oddly calming to me and helped me get back into my scrapping routine. I like the way the card came out.
My computer access is horrible here and it seems like the only time I can get online here at the house is super late at night and it is still really sporadic and prone to logging me off at any moment -boooooo
Please bear with me. More

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Okay...I'm I did this layout for the Pages in Time weekly sketch. I am out of town and the computer access is sketchy (pun intended) at best. This is the first time today I have been able to get online so I did alot of scrapping today but I will only post about this one layout because I am afraid the wifi will go down and log me off....
The picture if of two of my dogs...Trixie (little one) and Hattie (who thinks she is little! ha). I just happened to glance over and saw them laying like that and grabbed my camera and got the shot. Aren't they adorable!! They are sweet girls.
My computer that I am using here doesn't have photo editing software on it so you get to see the lovely concrete outside...sorry

Friday, June 11, 2010

Sorry I've Been Missing...

I'm sorry I have been absent for a bit, I've been traveling across country the last few days and am finally at my destination. I will post something interesting tomorrow...really...I promise! ha

I have also had a sick kid... I have lots of excuses I can give you if you want them! lol

I have already set up my crafting space and plan to get busy as soon as I get offline....

Hope you are ready for an awesome weekend!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another Card for Lennon

Good morning from the land of sick kids!
I was supposed to be on the road today driving to visit family however I have a sick son. I took him to the doctor yesterday and he has upper respiratory infection, ear infections and he is even throwing up (TMI...yes, I know).
So, we are staying put today and hopefully leaving tomorrow. Cross your fingers for us!
I am actually posting a card he made for Lennon. The sweet little 4 year old with cancer that Denise at has challenged us to make and send cards to.
My sick 10 year old son, Quinn, actually heard about Lennon and really wanted to make him a card and this is what he came up with. He got his inspiration from Designer Maile Belles' card that she has in Go To Sketches Magazine called Buttons and Bows.
I am really proud that he heard of the sick child and wanted to do this for him. He is a sweet boy with a kind heart and I am a lucky mom!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Fab at Four

This is actually for two challenges at Practical Scrappers. One challenge is their eyelets challenge. And the other is their sketch challenge. I used some artwork from the birthday boy to add to his page...the painted doily behind the pictures is a Riley original!
Still busy scrapping with my friend so this post is going to be short. Enjoy your day.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Great Weekend!

My good friend, Denise, has come for the weekend to play! We have been scrappin, shopping, swimming, drinking, visiting and just plan having a great time! I am so lucky she came! Here is a layout I just made of her scrapping with me. It is from Sketchy Thursdays July Challenge. We have been having so much fun and I am sure I will have a ton to post about it soon.
I'm off to swim in the pool! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend too.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lennon's Cards

My good friend, Denise at has posted on her blog something very sweet which I feel you should check out and participate in.

She knows of a little boy named, Lennon, who is almost 4 years old and is battling cancer and has been since he was 2 years old. He only has a 20 % chance of survival but they are not giving up.

She has put up some blog candy as a little incentive for each of us to make him a card. She suggests something fun, funny, upbeat or just cute. His nana over at has offered to receive the cards and get them to Lennon as he will be getting Chemo next week.

I know that most of you would just make a card and send it to him out of the goodness of your hearts but why not do it and have the chance at a little blog candy?

I am putting the link to Lala's World and the blog candy on the side bar. Please make a card and send it to him and help to brighten his world!

Lennon Hunt

c/0 Pages in Time

5221 South 48th Street

Lincoln, NE 68516

And I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and are able to enjoy your hopefully healthy family!

Friday, June 4, 2010

All That And Then Some

Good Morning Ladies!
I hope all is well in your world. We are doing great here in sunny and hot Las Vegas!
Last night I stayed up pretty late and made this 2 page layout based on sketch 6-2-10 from Let's Scrap! I wanted it to be bright and cheery because I am also entering it into a Bright Colors challenge at
I used one of my favorite models (my daughter, Olivia) and some Martha Stewart paper that I got on sale at Walmart super cheap! (that is the best kind) I used Sticko vellum stickers because they were beautiful and because I am also entering it into the Vellum, Acrylic and Transparencies challenge.
I love to see how many different challenges I can fit into one layout!! I don't have a lot of time to scrap with 5 kids and that way I get a ton more feedback on my projects. I'm new to scrapping and can use all the feedback I can get!
The ball trim is from Recollections, I used some Stickles in gold, a gold pen to write on the bottom and I already threw away the packaging from the lettering I used. (oops) My kids used the same lettering for a project for their teachers last week and we threw the packaging away then.
My daughter loves her pages and that is what matters! Hope you like it too.
Well I have company coming and a house to pick up.
Have an awesome day ladies!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sketchy Thursdays 6/3/10 Challenge

Here is the 6/3/10 challenge sketch. I saw it and immediately got busy. I have been wanting to make a layout with this picture of my daughter, Olivia, for a while now. I love the crazy look on her face as she rides that pretend motorcycle at the arcade. We were at the MGM Grand for our 1st Annual China Adoption Reunion in April and took all the kids to the arcade. They had a blast!
All the "white" space on the sketch was hard for me but I did love this paper I used from We R Memory Keepers. It actually got me in the "mood" to do this layout. I had a ton of fun making it.
I am really in the mood to scrap but have got to clean the house and pack for a trip we are taking. Maybe if I can get the kids to help....... Have a great day!

Calie's Creative Corner Candy

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Birthday Candy From Deserate Army Housewife

Lynnette over at is having her birthday and offering awesome blog candy so we can share in the "holiday" with her! Isn't she sweet to offer sweets! ha And doesn't it look like something you would want to win??!! Go check it out at her site. It will end some time around June 7th....again, check her blog for specific details.
Hope you are having an awesome day!!

2nd Card for Lennon

Here is the second card I made for Lennon. We plan to send it to him next week so that he doesn't get them all at once. Please make and send Lennon a card. He is going through such a bad thing and it would sure be nice if we could all help to brighten his days. If you look a little further down in the blog you will find the post about Lennon having cancer and Denise at Lala's World having a blog candy challenge for people to send him cards. We mailed our first one yesterday and sure hope he likes it!