Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Went Shopping for Tim Holtz Products.

Just in case you were wondering...I went shopping today. And I bought some things for my blog candy giveaway. Some very TIM HOLTZ things... I know you guys love him so much!! lol (Still no picture but you should start getting excited now!)
My only problem with buying Tim Holtz products is that I never get to keep them!! I always give them away! ha I hope to some day use them and learn all the fun techniques he teaches. But I guess I won't get to do that with these products since I bought them for YOU!

My Aunt Punkie (she's the one in red) is a quilter and she made a quilt for her son, Andy and one for my Mom, (she's the one in blue) her ex-sister in law. She brought them to our family reunion Christmas party this last weekend.
I think they are both beautiful! (and wish she had brought me one!! lol) What do you think? Which is your favorite? Do any of you quilt? I think I would like to quilt but I would need one of those magnifying thingy ma jigs.
I am having a colonoscapy on Friday (how exciting...not) (TMI maybe?) So tomorrow will be my cleansing day....sigh... I bet I won't be on the computer that much. I guess I could just take my laptop into the bathroom with me and blog.... Or is that gross??

I just felt the need to share...

On to something else....

I am so far behind I am running in a circle. I have so much to do to get ready for Christmas. Having surgery really threw me off. I'm normally totally done by now with everything wrapped and my cards sent!

I did do my Christmas cards but haven't gotten them to the post office plan is to go there in the morning bright and early after dropping the kids off at school. (but my plan was to go there today too...sigh...)

I have some RAK's and Santa Sister packages to mail too. I was supposed to participate in a swap (and made the stuff) but can't seem to get to that damn post office!

I really just want to scrap something for fun but it isn't really fitting in my schedule right now. Hopefully soon.

I am traveling again next week to Oklahoma for the Christmas break. I'm driving with my 2 older kids, the dogs, the bird and all the presents. Hubby is flying with the 3 younger kids... Who has the easier job?
Do you travel over the holidays?? Any stories to tell?

I drive back and forth to Oklahoma 4 or more times a I could share a few... I actually like driving there. My older boys are wonderful travelers. And I just pop a book on CD in the CD player and listen and drive. I mostly listen to mysteries because they keep me awake. But some times I like to listen to biographies or comedians.

I love to about you? I pretty much never go anywhere without a book or my Kindle. Anyone else have a Kindle?? I LOVE my Kindle. It is a brilliant thing.

Can you tell from all the questions, I am trying to get some comments?? I would love to hear some of the answers from you.

Good night.


  1. Hi Stacy, that all sounds very exiting!! Love those quilts, did you know I'm a quilter too?? Will post some on my blog for you to see! We stay at home for Christmas, together with my kids, love that cosy being together!! Before I forget, I want to thank you for your sweet comments on my blog!! I sooo enjoy reading them. Big hug and XOXOXO Frea

  2. Hi Stacy... Can't find time to craft for fun either, so much behind in my Christmas preparations... still haven't got the presents, but worst, still haven't got the present list!!!

  3. Hi Stacy, Oh you sound so busy, can I just say that those quilts are wonderful, love the blue one personally, but wow, wish I could quilt like that...Christmas is a stay at home time for me, my family gather here and I love it, better still if the snow and ice we are having stays for the big just love does hope you have a great time, and start buying the TH stash for you too.xxxxx

  4. Ok...I think you have the easier job, driving them rather than flying, although you have animals. That's a tough call. I, too, am getting sick of not being able to scrap! It's this damn holiday season, with all of its handmade cards taking me away from what I'd rather be doing! Good luck at the doctors, that really made me giggle. I am so immature like that though :) (And yes, I would bring the laptop to the bathroom with you LOL) Hope you can get SOMETHING crafty in today...I am hoping for the same! *hugs*

  5. Both of the quilts are lovely, but I would have to say that your mom's is my favorite for sure! I love to read (when I have a chance) but don't have a kindle. My sis reads a ton and I would love to get her one. I love road trips I think you'll enjoy it. Even with the animals, I think I would prefer that over flying with the wee ones! Here's to a quick scope and recovery from surgery!

  6. Great quilts!! I am also so far behind this year! I just can't seem to catch up, and I have been slacking on leaving comments!:(

  7. those quilts are beautiful! hope everything goes well with your procedure tmrw! And, yes I love to read..right now I'm on book 2 of the Hunger Games! have a great day!

  8. The quilts are gorgeous!!

    Don't have a kindle...not sure if I want one. Some days I think yes, then I'm undecided. I love the feel of a book. Call me granny! Ha!

    Never had a colonoscopy (yet) - but I hear the prep is the worst once you get through that - the rest is a breeze. (I think it would be the worst part for me because I can't stand going without FOOOOOOD!!!)

  9. Love them both! She makes the most beautiful quilts. You should get yourself some of Tim's stuff too! Definitely makes the trip more fun :)) Sorry about tomorrow, no fun :(

  10. Gorgeous quilts. Will be thinking of you on Friday. Not fun. Don't have a kindle. Like to have my hands on the real thing!

  11. I am so proud of my new quilt... It is beautiful and my sister in law is beautiful too. Andy's was pretty but I like mine better.

  12. Oh my goodness. You are so funny. Good luck on Friday :\ Is there such a thing as colonoscopy luck??? Definitely take your laptop to the loo!!! Gotta have something to do!