Thursday, January 24, 2013

Back from Prima's ArtVenture

Hello!!  I'm back from my fun weekend in Palm Desert.  What a blast!!!  This was such a fantastic trip.  The resort was GORGEOUS, the classes were AWESOME, food was FANTASTIC and we came home with TONS OF GOODIES!!  Go PRIMA!!!

Sunrise from our hotel room balcony.


We were lucky enough to meet Leeza Gibbons and she is a real sweetheart.  Her new collection with Prima is beautiful too.  We were lucky enough to get to work with some of it in one of our classes with Janine Koczwara where I made this picture.  I made the tree out of a paper bag and a ton of glue.  Can we can "messy hands"?! ha  I pretty much had messy hands during the whole weekend.  But that is a good thing!! ha


There were 6 make and takes put on by Charity Wings that we were supposed to get to make during our weekend.  Unfortunately I was only able to make 2 of them because every time we would stop in between classes to try to make one they were either full or there was no one there manning them.  It was kind of frustrating.  My only complaints for the whole trip were the parts handled by Charity Wings.  They were supposed to put on evening crops too and didn't...well they had tables that you could go and work at but nothing else going on at all.

Here is one of the make and takes - a necklace.
Here is the recipe book I won.

But the two make and takes I was able to make were fun and I got the "kit" of a third one (recipe book) to take home and make.  And it was kind of funny but I won the finished recipe book as a prize so now I will at least know what it is supposed to look like when it is done. ha

Some of my favorite classes were with Anna Dabrowska.  She works in mixed media and we worked on a journal in her classes.  We did the front and back cover and 4 pages inside.

Front cover.
Back cover.

Two inside pages (not yet adhered in the journal)
Two more inside pages.
I have more projects from our weekend to share with you but I will let you absorb all of this first.  I will type up another post with the rest of my projects to share later in the week.  Thanks for stopping by and looking today!!


  1. Hi Stacy
    It sounds like a fabulous opportunity despite it's shortcomings. I hope you give them some feedback s next time they can make it perfect for everybody. You did produce some beautiful treasures and seemed to have had lots of fun. I love all you made and won,
    Love Jo x

  2. Now you can be the teacher. It looks like you had a real fun time and learned a lot.

  3. Hi Stacy, wow it sounds like a wonderful weekend! And I love all your creations, especially that front and inside of your Journal, brilliant. I am going to a workshop by Donna Downey on Sunday this weekend, she's in the Netherlands for a few days. I so love her work and it was a one in a lifetime opportunity to work with her! Have a great weekend hun, hugs Frea

  4. Hi Stacy, No! I certainly didn't think you were complaining and it is so good to get honest feedback from such events. Say I was planning to choose one and travel from England, I'd want to make sure it was perfect for me when I was spending so much on it.
    I think too often crafters are tooooo nice and pussy foot around the truth.
    Hugs Jo x

  5. Woohoo Stacy,your projects look AWESOME...
    looking forward to see the rest...beautiful vieuw from your hotel room balcony:)
    Hugs Jose

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  7. So much fun! I LOVE how your journal came out :))))

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