Friday, February 6, 2015

Snowman Canvas

Hi guys!

I wanted to share a couple of canvases that my son, Quinn and I made over the Christmas holidays.  My mother actually purchased the class for her and I to take but then she got sick and couldn't go.  So I decided to take my son and go.  We went and it was a total blast!  Here are our canvases:


Here is Quinn's.

Didn't they turn out cute!!?  You can tell I decided that my snowman was going to be out in a snow storm!  I also figured he needed a band around his hat.  We had the option to give him a tall hat or a short hat.  We both went for the tall hat but I felt mine needed a little something extra so I cut out the band and added it to the hat.

I'm sorry my mom didn't get to join us in the fun!

Thanks for stopping and looking!  Until next time...happy scrapping!


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  1. just got this today, too! I love it. I want to make one now!!!!!