Monday, May 3, 2010

Big Lots

Today is busy, busy, busy so this will be a short post today. Monday's are the busiest days around our house....and in a few minutes I will be off to Cub Scouts. I went to Big Lots today and found some fun Paper Crafting packs for only $2. They were loaded with bling and 12x12 pages of paper. It was like getting a grab bag when you were a kid. Fun to open and see what goodies you got. I am thinking of giving a pack to each of my 3 older kids and see what kind of page they make from them. It should be fun to see. Big Lots had more scrap things there than I would have expected and the most expensive thing was $5. I will definitely check them out again for scraping supplies.
Here is a picture of a page I made for my son, Jesse. He loves the arcade and usually wins big....he did this time so I made a page to commemorate it. Enjoy!

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  1. Love this page. His expression is awesome. Never thought to go to Big lots for scrapbooking lots. Sounds like a great deal!