Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Three in One!

I'm kind of proud of myself with this layout because it actually covers 3 challenges! I am doing the bloghop for Let's Scrap! and this covers challenges #2, #7 and #8. Number 2 required that I use this LS sketch, metal and quotation marks. Number 7 required me make the page monochromatic and to use any LS sketch. And Number 8 required me to make a travel page with a travel quote on an LS sketch. Covered! I think it turned out nice and gives my son Jesse a page made from his school field trip. Now I just need to do 5 more challenges before the 22nd....YIKES! ha

Even if I don't get them all done I am having a blast working the challenges. But I am going to try.....

1 comment:

  1. Three challenges in one page! You go girl! Love this page. I really like the flowers you punched out with the pp (is it a punch or a cricut). Love Jesse's huge smile in the left picture. His friend is totally trying to play it cool though.