Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Here I am....

I am sure it is crazy at your house too this time of year so you will understand why I have been missing more than I have been here. I will be back to more regular postings in January when I get back home.

BUT...I actually did do some scrapping last night and I want to share this layout with you.

I did it for two reasons....the first was for a sketch challenge at Sketches4You, Sketch Crazy that Fia has going on right now. I love to start with a sketch and I love to combine challenges so it worked perfectly for me. The second reason was I needed an example for my S4U Stash Challenge.

I did a recipe challenge this time. You should go and join in. I will be giving a RAK to the winner. And this challenge will end on January 10th.

The recipe is to use chipboard, 2 types of ribbon and to tear paper. Seems like a good enough challenge.

I used a picture of my parents that my mom emailed me. I really liked this picture it is sweet.

I also had a funny story to share.

I hide my kids presents in my closet. I have even installed a lock so that I can lock it at Christmas!

Well, guess what I found in my closet yesterday???!!! A present for one of my daughters...a very special present....her MAIN present! Spy Gear. I'm such a dork. I hid it so well, that I hid it from myself!

Here is a couple of pictures of her in her Spy Gear.

The funny thing is that she never said a thing about not getting the one thing she asked for. But man is she happy and excited to have finally gotten it!! I don't think she even cares that it is a little late.

So there is your little chuckle from me today!

I was supposed to leave this morning to drive back home to Nevada but there is snow storm in Arizona today and it will be there and also in New Mexico tomorrow so I am going to wait to leave until Saturday the 1st.

The good news is that I have my RV all loaded and ready to go and by loading the RV I have room to scrap on scrap table!! lol

More tomorrow.


  1. Oh I thought it was G's present you forgot! Whoopsi! Olivia looks awesome in her spy gear!!! Such a cute picture!

  2. Fun photos, I hide presents in my closet too! Putting in a lock makes much more sense than screaming "GET OUT"!!

    yes, the weather here in AZ is crazy today! I am wearing a scarf!

  3. Yes, I think you are truly blessed, and having children keeps the spirit of christmas alive. The magic appears to have left my house this christmas, as both my boys have flown the nest.I am sure you and you family will make lots of memories together giving you heaps of scrap pages to make. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog, as i can only guess how busy you must be. it is well appreciated.

    Here is wishing that 2011 bring you and your family everything you all need, and also may it bring lots of laughter, love and good health

    Happy crafting

  4. Awww, she looks happy! Congrats on getting to scrap; still trying to get myself going on that again.

  5. I love those spy gear photos! Ok, don't laugh but what is a RAK? I can't figure it out!!