Friday, January 28, 2011

2 Much Fun!

Here we go....a layout of my dd on her 3rd birthday. We were up at the school waiting to do some testing.
She decided she needed a snack while we waited (luckily I had brought her one) and happily found a box of toys to keep her occupied.
I started this layout in Seattle at CKC. It was fun to work on and I like these pictures on it.
They are just everyday pictures and sometimes those are just fun ones to work with.
I was bored and happened to have my camera with me. And now have captured a little moment in time...
After we finished up our appointment we went home for her party. Cake, ice cream and presents!! She even wore a crown and a princess dress....
What did you do for your last birthday??!! Any big ones coming up?? Or anyone have any good birthday stories to share??
I'm sure you know the drill....I'm probably still lying down, bored, recovering, hoping you will comment..... HUGS!


  1. for my last birthday, I made a cake for myself. I was pretty proud. lol My mom's birthday is coming up and I'm trying to think of what to make her. hope you are feeling better.

  2. I just love this stunning photo and isn't it funny how when you have your camera and you managed to capture a moment that would not have been scrapped about, I just love it, and my boy had his 4th b'day on Thursday and it was great, he got toys but also an electric screw driver and he charges it and plays with it all day, think he may be a carpenter, just need him to make friends with an electrician, plumber and painter and I will be

  3. Hi Stacy, you have such pretty children, I was admiring the pictures of them getting on the schoolbus the other dat, sooo cute. Love this lay out!! My last birthday (May 2nd) was very special cause I turned 50, yep I´m definitely ´over the hill´LOL!! It was great fun, we had a big party tent in the garden and a band, it was a big party and my husband gave me a Nile cruise for my birthday, so we did that last October. Saw all the great temples in Egypt, I'm glad it was then and not now, wouldn't like to be in Egypt right now with all the riots going on there. Hugs, Frea

  4. Super cute Stacy ! great job !
    Thanks for your comment in my blog !
    Have a nice Friday ;-)

  5. oh stacey hun,you always scap such amazing pictures,and they are always so beautifully laid out too,amazing,hugs cheryl xxxx

  6. She is so super adorable and great lay-out too!!

    Well my birthday is coming up on the 16th and I am super excited! It is the one day I completely expect to be spoiled on! LOL! I have some blog candy up to celebrate, I hope you are up to hopping over and entering!

  7. Busy, busy cleaning house this weekend! I couldn't take it anymore! Hope you are feeling better!
    Love the layout--she is so cute!

  8. She is so adorable!!
    Her party sounded so beautiful!!
    I dont' have a Bday until August!
    I like low key Bdays.
    We always go out for a nice dinner as a family and dd and dh surprises me with some presents and I always get a few scrappy gifts!!
    Don't have any god bday stories to share!
    Hope you are recovering well!

  9. A nice layout with great pictures and graphics.

  10. Way to go on not buying anything last month, doesn't it feel great to just scrap with your stash.