Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday is Here

I thought I would share a couple of pictures today. One is of my poor messy scrapping area. You have to give me a break because I have been up and down with my surgeries lately.

But I am it is also a terribly disorganized area that I plan to whip into shape once I am back in shape!! ha

Can't you see it is just missing me terribly??!! lol

The next picture is of my sweet little Sophie dog. She has found herself a spot up on my pile of "hidden" scraps. Poor dog!! lol You know she can't be comfortable because that is a pile of paper she is laying on (vertical paper).

I couldn't help sharing it with you even though it shows what a mess my area is because she just looks so cute lying there.

How does your scrap area look? Are messy like me or organized?? If you are organized can you give me any good ideas on how to get organized in this space??

Leave me a few comments...I'm sure I am laying in bed bored.....(recovering)


  1. Hi sweetie, so glad to hear from you; how are you doing hun? Are you alright?? Please make sure you take enough rest because if you don't you will regret it afterwards, trust me (been there, done that LOL)!! I'm really an organised person, I just can't work in a mess, nothing comes out of my hands of I don't clear my work space first. Have you seen my Victorian Sweetheart card yet and did you get my thank you mail cause your sweet sweet candy arrived last week and I used the Martha Stewart sentiment on this card straight away. It fitted just perfectly so if you have the time lying in your bed, have a look hun :) Lots of get well hugs, XOXOXO Frea

  2. Glad to see you are keeping a sense of humor during your recovery. Must be driving you crazy looking at it knowing everything you want to do but can't for now! I, too, am among the messy crafters. I seem to thrive in chaos---to a point, then I scurry around organizing and putting things all in there place. Just to create a new mess next time I craft and then work around it until the 'scurry around' urges strikes again ;) Get some rest and hope you are in full swing soon Stacy.

  3. There's a dog somewhere in that picture? It's like "Where's Waldo"? know I'm razzin' ya!!!

    Get well soon, kiddo! Been thinking about you!

  4. Well, I'm half messy and half organized. My million pieces of paper are very organized (ha ha) but that is thanks to my hubby! I have the space to organize, but I can't get motivated to complete the final hour that it would take to finish it up! If you are taking pictures and blogging, I guess that means you are feeling ok??? :-)

  5. Stacy, hang in there!!
    I'm sure you will be up and ready to go before you know it!
    Love the pictures of your animals!!
    I love using the clear drawers for different Maft. paper assortments.
    For my favorie misc. embellishments I use a small Clip it up, and I keep ribbons and stickles in stacked hat boxes.
    Hugs & prayers!

  6. Glad your up and posting!! I have been working on my messy scrap room going on my third weekend! I hope, hope, hope I will have it done soon!! I posted a few scary photos on my blog! Maybe it is just not meant to be clean!

  7. Glad you are feeling better! I don't like to think of my craft room as messy. Instead, I just say that it is "well-loved"! A well-loved and often-used craft room is a happy space!!