Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hello Again

I have really obviously not been in a scrapping or blogging mood this week. I have only made one project and it was a "have to" for a DT. And I haven't bothered to blog at all. I sorry to leave you guys hanging all week. Hopefully this week will be more productive and creative.

I know it will be busy tomorrow on Halloween. The kids are all getting dressed up in their costumes for school and then the 3 little ones will have a parade and parties in their classrooms. Then they will come home, do homework (if there is any), eat dinner and then go trick or treating. They are super excited!! I am trying to get them to all settle down and go to sleep but it isn't working very well.

We carved pumpkins tonight and they turned out pretty cute. We had a couple of mishaps but we fixed them. What do you think??

I haven't shown you anything I got while I was on my trip yet. I found some fun things to use scrapping like a basket of laces and ribbon for $3 and 3 jars of spools and a jar of sewing notions.

I collect depression glassware in Ruby Red and Emerald Green and I found some new pieces to add to my collection. I'm always on the lookout for anything new (to me). I found this gorgeous red "Oyster and Pearls" platter and a large green brandy snifter. It is really large (not for drinking out of). I have about 5 of these type vase things in red (in various patterns and sizes) and I have them displayed at Christmas with colored lights in them and it is really beautiful. I plan to add this one to that group. I also got a "to die for" emerald green cake plate but I haven't taken a photo of it yet. I will share when I do.

This isn't all of my goodies but it should give you a little taste of my treasures.

And to end, here are photos of two of my sweet children. I had to take the photo of my son in the box reading the magazine because it just cracked me up and my dd asked me to take a photo of her baby for her so I did. Thought I would share with you...

I plan to take Halloween photos tomorrow and share them with you all so come back and visit.


  1. Your pumpkins came out super fun and spooky! Great finds I love the wooden spools, very cool! Adorable pics of your kids, mine can still play with a box for hours! Have a fun and spooky Halloween my friend!

  2. That picture is G is GORGEOUS!!! She is such a beauty :) Great pumpkins too. The spider one is wicked cool!

  3. oh such beautiful photos,hun and great pumpkins too and love your spools,hugs cherylx

  4. Finally.......... I have been waiting for pictures......

    looks like someone wanted short

  5. Yep! She gave herself a haircut! Ha

  6. Wow Stacy, these pumpkins look smashing. I LOVe the spider one, great work!! I wish we would do more on Halloween! Here in Holland it really is not a big thing. Hugs, Frea

  7. OMG!! Love your pumpkins!!
    Adorable picture of him in the box and your dd and stuff animal!!
    Love your goodies the spools, lace and glass so fun!!

  8. Your pumpkins are great and thanks for sharing your finds! and photos! they are darling!!!! :-) Hugs,

  9. Adorable kids...for sure....and awesome jack-o-lanterns!