Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Million Halloween Photos!

Hello everyone!!

Did you have a good Halloween yesterday? We certainly did! Get ready to see a million photos today!! ha Let's call this Photo Tuesday (?-lol).

My first photo is of all the kids. It is a little out of order since I took it in the evening right before we left to go trick or treating. Can you tell that one of my kids is mad??!! He is a bit of a drama queen sometimes and couldn't get his head cover thingy to work the way he wanted and wouldn't let anyone help him sooooooo he ended up not wearing anything on his head. About two minutes after I snapped the photo he was fine and over it. At least it is a story to scrap right??!! ha

On to my next photo - we started off the day with excited kids rushing around getting their costumes on and gathering up goodies to take to their friends at school. I always love these photos of the kids from behind. And I love that Riley holds Georgie's hand. It looks so sweet. He is so sweet.

The kids dressed up as a ninja, a military person, a Transformer, a lady bug and Luigi.

I went to one school and helped out in my son's class. He was thrilled! He had to show me his "girlfriend". (?!) and then after several hours of singing, dancing, eating we went to the school parade. There I saw my daughter as she marched in with her class. It was fun to see them singing and dancing to the Monster Mash and other fun Halloween songs.

After that it was back home to do home work and finish getting our Halloween decorations just perfect. Yes, I always wait until the last minute to get things done....lol We got the right spooky atmosphere and a nice chair ready for my mother in law to sit on while she gave out candy.

The kids got their costumes back on and other than Quinn's drama with his head gear it all went smoothly. Finally it was dark and we were ready to go Trick or Treating. I know it is silly but we practiced saying Trick or Treat and learning to end by saying, "Thank you, Happy Halloween!!". It might sound silly but it worked and I had some super polite kids!! LOVE IT!

We made it almost all the way around our neighborhood until we got to a house that was a bit too scary for the little ones and with tears we headed home. But it was okay the tears cleared up pretty quickly when they got to dig into their candy stash at home! ha

Everyone had a blast and they were all pretty tired. They ended up in bed by 8:30pm. How was your day yesterday?? Do you celebrate Halloween?? If so, do you do it the same or different?

I have two projects posted today on the two Crafter's Companion blogs. On on the Challenge Blog and one on the informational blog. I will post them here tomorrow but if you want to see them you can go check them out now. There is a new challenge on the Crafter's Companion Challenge Blog this month. It is to use a Crafter's Companion Stamp and make a holiday card (any holiday). You know you want to go participate!!


  1. Very cute pictures of your kids! I did notice--before reading--that one of your kids looked mad. Then when you mentioned the "drama queen" bit--I really laughed! My son gets the same way--I tell him he is acting like a "drama king"! I'm hoping to be able to post our halloween pics tonight!

  2. Fun Halloween photos! Mitch went (to a party at a friend's house) as an Aint's with a bag over his head (wearing a Saint's football jersey). I didn't get it! :-)

  3. They all look so fun! Great costumes, love the ladybugs! I had to work Halloween, so I cooked all day Sunday then transferred everything into crockpots before I left for work! We had 15 friends and family come over to eat, sit around the fire pit and have fun! We trick or treated but the girls got bored and opted to go home and join in on making smores instead. We did close up until after 10 PM!

  4. oh hun what wonderful set of photos oh your children are so cute love the costums,brilliant hugs cherylxxx

  5. They're all so cute! What fantastic costumes, too!

  6. They all look so adorable!!
    Glad they all had a awesome time!!
    We did something different this year because the harvest festival was closed this year. we went to a museum she played some games and Halloween night 2 of he friends came over and they went tick n treat over by us.