Saturday, November 26, 2011

TGIS (Thank Goodness It's Saturday)


Did you guys have a good Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it)? We did! I cooked for two days to get it all done. But it was worth the effort. We ate and ate until we were stuffed!! ha

I never remember to take a photo of the turkey before we cut it up. I'm not sure why that is but unfortunately I only have photos of turkey slices! ha Oh well....

I have been exceptionally motivated to scrap this weekend. I am trying to get all my DT projects for the rest of November and December done. The holiday season is just so busy and I don't want the quality of my projects to suffer. I have 80 percent of them done and ready to post!! woo hoo! Unfortunately that means that I have nothing crafty to post here today so you just get to see a couple of photos of us sitting down to eat out Thanksgiving meal. something at least!! LOL

This coming Thursday I am taking 4 of my kids and going to the annual Harper Family Reunion/Christmas party in Texas. This party is always so much fun and the kids have been working really hard to make good grades. I require them to have good grades in order to go since they will miss 3 days of school. Usually only a few get to go because flights are expensive but my hubby found some super cheap fares and booked flights for 4 of them!! The only one staying home is the littlest one. We all can't wait to go! The kids have already started packing their stuff. ha

Did any of you go shopping on Black Friday?? I did not go. I do 98% of my shopping online. The only stores I enjoy going to in person are scrap book stores and book stores! lol I did get a lot of good deals online and avoided the crowds. And I have 98% of my shopping all done! WOO HOO!

Don't forget if you haven't already signed up for my Blog Candy Giveaway be sure and do it. You know you want to win that Crafter's Companion Ultimate Tool!! And "hint hint" there might be a few other goodies given away too. The giveaway ends December 24th.

TGIS!! Hope you are having a great Saturday!!


  1. Hey girl! Thanks for sharing your fun family photo! A trip to Texas sounds found! I haven't been to a family reunion in sooo long!I also have almost all my DT postings done, I just have to make the projects which I am working on while I do the loads and loads of laundry I have to do! I went out on Thanksgiving to Micheal's but then headed out to go camping! I posted all about it, come on over and check it out! :)

  2. Oh wow two days of cooking; girl you must have had a total feast! One question; what did your kids put ketchup on? I know kids are totally weird sometimes and can put that stuff on just about anything!

    Love how you are so organized! How awesome to have almost all of the shopping done; I need to really get cracking on that!

    Hope you all have lots of fun on your trip:0)


  3. Looks like your dinner was yummy!!!! Can't wait to see what you have been creating!

  4. Great photo's Stacy......dinner looks delicious:0
    Wish you lots of fun on your trip!

  5. Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    Love the pictures!!
    Yes we did some fun Black Friday shopping!
    We have had all of our shopping done in Oct. except for 3 gifts now they are done too.
    Have a wonderful week!!

  6. You must have had a great time!!! I' m really jealous!!! Hope you have a magnificent time at the reunion as well!!!!