Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Monday!!

Did I mention that my 4 year old is getting glasses??  She apparently can not see far away AT ALL!!  How could I not know this??  I took her to the eye doctor not so much for her eye sight but because she has a "wandering" eye or rather two wandering eyes. (Exotropia) And one of the main reasons this happens (apparently) is when the child has very poor eye sight.  The eyes get bored with nothing to focus on and wander outward. 
So she is getting glasses.  Do you remember me mentioning she is 4?  I asked the doctor how I was going to keep them on her and the doctor said that I probably won't be able to get her to take them off because right now her world is very small.  Once she puts on these glasses her world will open up.  However I did order her the special plastic glasses with a strap to hold them on!! LOL 

Here is a couple photos of her trying on the new frames. (they still need her lenses put in)

I think they are going to be cute on her but I am biased!! lol  I don't know if you can see it in the photo but she fell that morning as she was running to get on the bus (with me yelling, "don't run, don't run...") and slammed her nose into the ground.  She has a weird vertical bruise on her nose. 

She seems excited to get glasses.  Maybe because 4 of us in the family wear them and she feels a bit left out.  She is always taking off my glasses and putting them on herself.  I will let you know how it turns out.

I finally have something to post!!  I worked on two DT projects this weekend but they don't post until later this week so I couldn't share them yet.  I have a new Stash challenge going on at Sketches4all.  The challenge is to share either the cover or a page from your Smash book type journal.   I don't have a Smash brand book.  I just bought a journal from Target and finally got inspiration to decorate the cover. 

I plan to use my journal to glue and jot down inspirational things like photos, sayings, colors, projects etc.  I decided on the perfect title and it set off my creative juices!!  ha  I used some G45 -Botanicabella papers.  I even fussy cut out some butterflies to add.  I stamped out a cool new soon to be released Stamp It Stamp - Compass and then I added distress inks to "age" the paper.  I punched out the paper border strip with my Martha Stewart border punch.  And finished up with a few brads, some stickles and alpha stickers that spell out my title. Be Inspired, Be Inspiring.  (love that!!)

I really love how it turned out!  I am also going to post it over at Color Me Creative Classroom on We R Smash Bookin.  I love visiting over there and being immediately inspired!!

If you are into Smash booking right now, I would love it if you came over to S4A and joined in my challenge.  I would enjoy seeing your projects!!  There will be a RAK for the winner. 

Tomorrow is the last day to enter the "Anything Goes" Challenge on the Crafter's Companion USA Challenge Blog. You still have time to throw you name in the hat for the awesome Humphrey Goodies!!   Be sure and check back on the 1st for the new February Challenge and to see who has won those Humphrey goodies.

I'm completely surprised that only 5 (!) people tried to win the free stamps sets I gave away last week.  GASP!  I would actually like to give away a couple more stamps sets.(I have a Humphrey and some SWALK)  If there is any interest please leave me a comment.  I would like to give these stamp sets to folks from the US who might be interested in using their new stamp set to join in a challenge at Crafter's Companion USA Challenge blog.  (and don't worry my dear sweet international followers...I am gathering up some goodies for another giveaway which will include YOU TOO!!) 

And the last thing to tell you is that we have a new stamp set to giveaway on the CCC Blog. (US folks only)  You only need to leave a comment to get in on a chance to win.  The stamp is from SWALK and is called You Deserve A Treat.  A perfect stamp to use on those Valentines Day cards!!
Isn't it cute!!!  You know you want to try to win so go on over there and enter to win!!

That's all for today.  Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog today.


  1. She's adorable! No wonder she keeps taking your glasses. She probably likes what she sees!

    Your card is so elegant! What a great idea for those thick border punches I rarely use.

    I would love to win some CC stamps! I only have one and it doesn't always fit the challenges. I guess I missed that post!
    Can I still enter? I'm gonna leave you a comment anyway :)

  2. My son had to have eye surgery when he was 2 (he had ambliopia) and then glasses a year later when he was 3. He was surprisingly good about keeping them on. But if they fell off, he would end up stepping on them! Word of advice...go somewhere where they will give free or reduced cost replacement in the event of an accident! I won't even tell you how many pairs we went through! Once your daughter gets her glasses, I think you will have a blast just watching her for a while as she sees and discovers things for the first time, that she didn't know was there before. It's a VERY cool thing!

    I would love to be entered for some CC stamps. I dont have any and thus don't enter the challenges :(

    amyis300 AT hotmail DOT com

  3. Your little one is adorable as can be! Love the new frame color...she will be even more
    Loving the journal, those stamps are some of my favorites.
    Can' believe no one wants new stamps, I always want new stamps!

  4. Awww~ So sweet!Just wait till she puts them on for the first time, my daughter starting crying, she could not believe all that she could see! Love your smash book cover! I made my own too and I love it! I stick everything in there! I will have to check this challenge out!

  5. Can't get much cuter then that! My daughter started complaining that people would tell her something was there and she couldn't see it so took her to the eye doc and sure enough...blind as a bat but thankfully she was 8 years old. Like your doctor said it opened a whole new world up to her and she never took them off or left them anywhere unlike the retainer for her orthodontia! Thanks for sharing!

  6. She looks so adorable in her new glasses!!
    Love your journal so pretty & creative!!
    Love this stamp so fun & adorable!!
    Looking forward to seeing what the next challenge will be!!

  7. Cute glasses! Hope her owie gets better soon! And, I love the book! I need to start one! :-) I don't want to hog the CC stamps so I'm fine with your giving them to someone who doesn't have any! :-)

  8. She looks super cool in her new glasses!!
    Love the cover of your smashbook...the compass stamp looks WOW.

  9. HI Stacy, your little cutie looks adorable in her glasses! And I don't know how it is over there but here it is sort of a fashion statement to wear glasses these days. Kids don't mind at all. Hugs, Frea