Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Sunday!!

I've been busy today cleaning and rearranging things.  My brother is leaving on Tuesday to go back home so I figured I better use his help while I still have it!! lol  He has helped me move some furniture around and do other projects. 

You all probably know I have 5 kids and they all have their own bedrooms however they don't like to sleep alone yet (except for the littlest one! Go figure!  ha).  I have to be creative when pairing them up otherwise they stay up playing and being loud instead of going to sleep.

My plan has been to pair up my oldest son, with my youngest son in one room.  And my daughter and other son in another room.  This has worked fine until recently when the son who shares with my daughter (in her room) decided he wanted to start sleeping in his own room.  Well now that doesn't work unless she can sleep in  his room with him because now she is scared to sleep alone. 

He only had a twin bed in his room so she has been sleeping on the floor in there.  (she has a bunk bed with a trundle bed under it in her room.)  I hated that she was sleeping on the floor so since we had a trundle bed frame under his bed and another twin mattress on the floor in another room (don't ask. ha) I decided to set up two twin beds in his room.  One for each of them.  So we have spent the morning cleaning his room and dragging things around the house and rearranging his room.  Looks pretty great now!  She is thrilled...him, not so much!! LOL

We have a basement which is pretty empty since only the kids use it.  I decided to make it into a playroom for them.  We took the play kitchen out of my oldest daughters room (she doesn't use it anymore) and put it down there.  Took the train table and all the Thomas the Tank Engine train things down and a few more odds and ends.  You get the idea.  They are loving it but man have we been busy!

I have to get a DT project done and ready to post today.  But I wanted to say hi to you guys first.



I actually just got two of the Spectrum Noir pen storage bags in the mail yesterday and wanted to let you know about them.  A friend emailed me asking questions about them and that gave me the idea to share the info with you too. 

They are light weight bags with a zipper around the top. The zipper goes around 3 sides of the bag. It is perfect for storing and transporting your pens but might be awkward if you wanted to use your pens while they are in the bag and it is open. The top doesn't fold all the way back and stay back so you would have to keep moving the top to get to the pens. But for storage and transporting they are great. I have two bags and they hold all of my SN Markers. And I have all 70 some odd markers. (each bag is supposed to hold 36 markers)

Copics fit in them fine too  Here are a few photos so you can see what I am talking about. I put a few of my Copics inside of the bag so you could see how they look. 
Cool huh!?  They are really reasonably priced too. (currently they are only $3.95 a bag!)  I just thought you might be interested. 

Okay, that is enough for right now.  I need to get scrapping!! 


  1. Hey girl! It sounds like a lot of fun going on at your house! My girls share a bedroom by choice and share a playroom. I have been bribing them with buying them each a new TV to separate! I just think they need there own space. But they refuse! Maybe as they get a little older! That is a neat copic holder and wow what a steal! Hope you have a great week ahead, I'm off to work so no crafting for me!

  2. You're such a great mother, Stacy! You make it all sound like fun, :) even when it's challenging.

    I love to color stamps. I'll collect that many markers some day! lol, thanks for the tip on the bags!

    Maybe you can clip the top back onto the bag when you want to use the markers?
    Looking forward to your projects :)

  3. I guess with 5 kids there would have to be drama. I only have one so I miss out on all of that stuff. Not that we don't have drama...just not sibling drama! The pen storage looks cool...

  4. WOW!! You have been busy!! I just ordered that bag last night!! I can't wait to receive it!!
    I also ordered my first swalk stamp!!