Friday, February 17, 2012

Help Frea Out She Has A Giveaway!! everyone,

My friend, Frea at Creafrea Blog has a request of us:

"Dear Blog friends,

My favourite (and only LOL) 'son in law' has a hobby; in his spare time he likes to work as DJ Alverez. In order to make himself better known to the public he entered a DJ contest and received the public prize which means he is in an election for a chance to get into the finals of the contest. In order to do so he needs votes and here's where you girls come in. Right now he's in first place with 35% of the votes but there are some days to go still and I would sooo appreciate it if you would vote for him. In order to vote you need to go to and vote for DJ Alverez. You can vote one time per IP address, but of course you can also vote from your Smartphone.

Now in order to make this more interesting for you I'm giving away this lovely brand new Sugar Nellie stamp. You do need to mount it on EZ mount. So when you have voted please leave a comment here so you will go into the draw. And if you make a post with the voting link and information on your blog with the candy in your sidebar you can leave a 2nd comment and you go into the 'hat' twice, although it will probably be this random thingie instead of a hat LOL!! You can vote until 22nd of February and that is also the closing date for this candy. On behalf of Kevin, thanks a lot girls!! "

I would be so happy if you would at least go vote for him and if you want to throw your name in the hat for the stamp set giveaway that would be cool too.  If you do want to enter to win the candy you will need to go HERE.



  1. I just voted, hope it helps, have fun!
    unikebyyes at yahoo dot com

  2. my vote is in...hoping for a win....good luck
    kimbob27 at hotmail dot com

  3. Thanks so much for advertising for me sweetie!! Big squishy hug XXXX Frea

  4. I will go over and vote now!!