Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Brenda's Challenge

Hello ya'll. It's Tuesday and I am posting this layout that I made for Brenda's Monthly Challenge on Sketches4you. She made this great sketch and asked us to make a layout. So this is what I came up with.
The pictures are from our trip to the zoo. I have a ton of pics from there that I keep putting into layouts. So if you get sick of them....sorry....lol
We were in the new kids petting zoo area of the OKC Zoo. It is really beautiful and we were there when they first opened the gates so it was actually pretty quiet and they were just getting ready to turn on the water fall and start the "river" flowing. That is why they are staring down at the water.
We walked back by there on our way to leave the zoo and it was PACKED....not one inch of space in the place. So we sure go lucky going in there first.
If you go to the zoo here in the summer you have to go super early or all you see are empty cages (since all the animals either go inside or hide in the shade and sleep. Mornings they are out and eating.
Last time we went the kangaroos were boxing! The kids loved it!!!

Happy Scrappin today!

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  1. Great take on her sketch! I want to see Kangaroos box!