Sunday, July 18, 2010

Card Day

My mom's 71st birthday was last Thursday and my kids and I sat down and made her a few cards. It actually started with my son, Jesse, (10) going and making her a card and then bringing it to me to show me after the fact. His is the Sending Love Your Way card.

Olivia (8) and I worked together on her card. The card with the cake on the front.

And then I made her the crazy Happy Birthday card with the hats on it.

She loved them all.
She also got a card from my cousin, Lisa, who cross-stitched her zodiac sign and then added it to a card she made. Mom was so excited to get this card in the mail!
So today is card day here on my blog. And I have posted another card challenge at Sketches4you. (more about this on my next post) Go there and join in my challenge and maybe win a RAK!! (link on sidebar)
Happy Sunday!


  1. Love that Jesse did it all on his own :)) So awesome! Love all the cards, but especially love your letters on yours!

  2. Awww...that CRABBY card is the BEST!!!

  3. P.S. Your kids did a fantastic job with their cards, also!!!! Love that you're showing them "the way"...heehee!

  4. They all look like cards grandma will love. Wish her a HB for me.

  5. Hi stacy love your cards! I can't go to my site NING want let me since saturday..they have upcoming changes on all sites,,but i don't know why my site can't be loaded..
    I asked NINg already...hope to get back soon..
    And about the members was okay..
    hugs Fia