Friday, February 18, 2011

Already Friday!

I just made a DT layout for my March Scrap Our Stash Challenge (you will have to wait to see it) and, as per my self-challenge, I kept going and made a card out of my scraps. (actually I made two but you have to wait for the second one because it is too dark to take a photo)

And not only did I made a card but I made a frame too!! I made the frame for Mitsue's Altered Frame Challenge at Sketches4all. You have until the 28th to enter. Go check it out!

So even though you don't get to see the layout yet you do get to see my scrappy creations from from the leftovers! ha

I also made a card from the left overs from another DT layout and mentioned it the other day but never bothered to take a picture and show you so here that one is too!

Can you believe it is Friday!??!! We have a 3 day weekend for the kids here because Monday is President's Day.

It is supposed to cool down and rain all day tomorrow!! My kids are already jumping off the!! LOL (jk)

For some comic relief, here is a picture of my 3 year old. She is in disguise!! Don't tell her you recognize her. ha

My mother in law decided to put on the disguise too....LOL Isn't she hilarious!!?

She asked me if I wanted to put the glasses on too so she could take a picture of me!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO! I politely said, "NO THANKS!". haha

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Great projects! Love the frame it is fab! Adorable photos! We are expecting rain here in AZ too, we will all be bouncing off the walls!

  2. Beautiful LO!!
    Love your cards!!
    How adorable your dd and mon wearing the glasses!!
    Hope it doesnt rain too much!!

  3. The projects are the matching outfits on the kids....AND...laughed my arse off at the funny glasses! I really think you should have posed, though!!

  4. Wow you have been a real busy scrapper. Love the frame with all your kiddy's picture in it and the cards are fantastic. The picture of your daughter and your MIL are just too cute.

  5. That frame wow it is stunning, I love that they are all in their gorgeous colours to match perfectly, good mumma.....and wow you won't believe this but Nate put is exact same pair on and although his has a moustache on it just this morning and came out to scare me, do you think I should get a pic of Nate with his on and then send you ours and you send me your disguise and we have the kids in each others disguises, perfect for a layout and I know but forget the postage....??from across the miles I think they would love it too.Love Melxx