Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sketches4all Valentines Decor and Blog Hop is Here!!

This Post Will Stay At The Top Until February 11th. Please Scroll Down For New Posts.

I am the first stop on the way so if you started here you are on the right track!!

You need to find the hearts on each DT's blog. Add them up and then go here and post the number you have found.

Be sure to leave a little love on each blog along the way. After you finish up here your next stop is Michelle H.

Here is a list of all the blogs you have to hop around and visit on this blog hop:

Stacy H-W: (you are here)

This Blog Hop starts today Saturday, February 5th and ends on Tuesday, February 8th.
Please note that the ending date of this event has now been extended until Thursday February 10th. I will now be posting winners on the 11th of February. This gives you a little more time to work on the challenges and try to win some prizes!!

There are going to be fun challenges posted by two of the DTs each day with RAK's for the winners!! So you should really go visit S4A every day!!!!

There is already a Pre-Challenge posted that you can join in on too.

The Valentines Decor & Blog Hop challenge I posted today at Sketches4you is to use your favorite love song as inspiration for making a paper craft.

You can use a love song title as the title of your layout (like I did) or be inspired by lyrics of a love song. Go on over to Sketches4all and join in on my challenge! I would love to see your creations.

I used the love song, At Last by Etta James. One of my all time favorite love songs! It worked perfectly with the feeling of my layout. The picture is of my daughter who we adopted from China after waiting an extremely long time.

Now go hop along and remember there are many different ways you can win.

1. Enter the special event challenges posted by the DT and be in the drawing for a RAK on each one.
2. Some of the DT along the Blog Hop will offer a RAK on their blogs.
3. Complete 4 special event challenges and you will be in a drawing for a paper pad of Nikki Sivils New Collection - Sugar Cookie!!! YUMMY!!
4. Complete ALL the challenges and be in the drawing for the grand prize of a $10 gift certificate to an awesome online scrapbook store!!
5. Find and give the correct number of hearts found on the blog hop and your name will be added to the drawing to win a prize. (my blog has 1 heart)

Remember to leave a comment on each blog along the way and you can follow me if you want. I would love it if you did but it is not a requirement of mine.

I would like you to share your favorite Valentine's Present or Valentine's Date Story. The funnier or crazier the better!!

There will be a drawing for a winner from the comments to win a RAK. Check back here on the Thursday, February 10th to see who won!!

You will find all the information and challenges at Sketches4all in the Forum under Special Events.

Now on to Michelle's blog for the next stop on the blog hop!!


  1. Hello Stacy,just hop in to your blog LOL.
    You already know that I love to read your blog,it's always fun.Hope I can do some challenges ...I give it a try:)
    Hugs ..Jose

  2. My DH & I's 2nd Valentine's together was almost our last. Back story, my brother got his girlfriend an engagement ring for Christmas. In front of my entire family Steve says he thought he would rather have a new stereo than that! HaHa funny, right? Wrong! Showed up for a special surprise on VD, he had bought himself a stereo! 37 yrs later, I'm still mad-but he still has the stereo!

  3. I am a new follower..My hubby and I have been married almost 18 years in feb 12th..we tried for the 14th but it was completely booked...:(
    I hope to complete some of the challenges..thanx for the chance to win..:)


  4. I don't have any interesting valentine stories, but I loved it one year when Steve sent me a basket of blooming hyacinth's and pink tulips which I then planted in my yard! Every year, I get to see the beautiful hyacinths!!!! Your layout is wonderful! I love the paper you used and the way you added the flowers and ric rak!!

  5. super cute layout, not to think of a fun one to do myself!! My story, it is not just one but 2, but every year. My hubby's birthday is feb 15th, so it makes it real fun every year for what i should do. I know he does not really care, but i really try and do something for both days, at least a little card (hmm...maybe one of these challenges will work for a card for his bd-ay and for v-day :)
    Second, v-day was the beginning of my pregnancy of my little girl Kristen :)

  6. Aww! What a sweet layout and I think it's the perfect title! :-)

  7. Beautiful layout Stacy :))) Love the sparkly title.

  8. Great layout. No funny or crazy v-day stories for me. My husband isn't really big on the holiday. :(

  9. great layout! I have not ever had a valentine so no stories... maybe thats the funny story.. never had one!

  10. Hi dear friend, looking forward to doing the hop here and so glad you are back and yes you were missed. By the way the chicken wire is only chipboard, I actually got it in a rak but I think it is from Scrapware...?? Love your gorgeous layout here. Melxx

  11. Love your layout Stacy! hope you feeling better! and thanks for the donation...I really appreciate it..your so generous..

  12. Well I don't really have crazy valentine story but one of the sweetest things my husband has done in recent years for Valentines Day was putting flowers on the outside of the window seal outside my office.

  13. my husband and I went with my cousin and her husband to san francisco, we were on a bay cruise and we went to the front of the boat to take a pic or so I thought, and he proposed to me. I was so shocked I handed him the ring back. lol

  14. Stacy, such a fun & awesome challenge!!
    Your LO is very pretty!!
    Love it!!
    Have a blessed Sunday!

  15. Woohoo! I should be able to check out all these awesome blogs later tonight.

  16. How fun, I'd like to join sketche's for all. I sent you a request already ;)

  17. Lovely LO and great title !!!