Monday, February 7, 2011

Olivia's 9 Years Old!!

Yesterday was my dd's 9th birthday yesterday (Sunday) and we had a "Super Bowl" party for her.

She is a tomboy and was super excited. We made tons of fun snacks, decorated to the max and tried to watch the game with a bunch little kids! They think they want to watch but they really just want to play! ha

She was so cute running around in the football jersey and pads she got as a present. The jersey is a Steelers jersey and she was for the Packers but she was still thrilled!!!!!!!!! LOL (I couldn't find a Packers Jersey anywhere)

She put in an order for Strawberry she got strawberry cake! ha

My 3 year old daughter unfortunately was left sitting at the table with the cake in front of her and decided to eat as much of the icing off of it as she could possible get before anyone noticed her! She did this after we had all eaten a piece but still....LOL OMG!

It was a pretty fun day and Olivia had a ball.

I plan to do a layout or two with the pictures but I thought I would share a few with you first.

I made a couple of cards on Saturday for the Valentine's Decor and Blog Hop which ends tomorrow. So if you haven't already hopped along get to hopping!! And there are 9 fun challenges and great prizes to be won. GO check it out.

I will post the pictures of the cards tomorrow. Hope your weekend was as fun as ours. Happy Monday!!


  1. What a beautiful young woman she is turning into. Love her smile. Did you get a picture of the cake after Georgia got ahold of it? LOL.

  2. Happy late birthday! We were packers fans, too! Great smile!

  3. Happy Birthday to your daughter! What a sweetie!!! (It was my daughter's 23rd today!)

    Pssst.....freebie sentiment on my blog tomorrow - but you didn't hear it from me...heehee.

  4. How very fun!!
    Sounds like a great time!!
    Glad she had a good time!!
    How funny about the little girl eating all the icing!
    Have a blessed week!