Saturday, February 12, 2011

ER Visit

Sorry to have not posted yesterday but I am still not feeling that great. And then ended up taking my hubby to the ER for a hurt foot. He will be fine but we spent most of today waiting there. Sigh...

But I did want to post a few things for anyone out there wanting to see something new on my blog!

I made this banner (my first, so be gentle - ha) for the Sketches4all blog hop (which has ended).

The challenge was to make a banner (obviously ha) and have the main color be pink/red and use lace or lacy ribbon and flowers. Well....I kind of missed reading the second part about the color scheme...ha

I started with the lime green paper and some lime green ribbon and then happened to pick some bright pink paper for my hearts. (luckily)

I had some lace scraps and decided to just cover each of the hearts that I cut out with my Cricut. I added some glittery flowers with bling and some stickles. Then just punched holes and threaded the ribbon and voila....a banner!

I have it hanging by my desk and it is bright and cheery.

My two 5th graders celebrated Valentine's Day at school on Friday. I made them each a card for their teacher. That has a picture of them in the center of a flower and the card says, "Pick me", on the outside and "to be your Valentine", on the inside.

I like how they turned out and their teachers loved them! I also made a couple more of those "sweeties" jars. I might post them tomorrow for you to see.

I hope you are having a great weekend! More later....


  1. So super cute! Love the photo in the flower! Hope you are all on your "feet" soon!

  2. ** I just updated it thanks! I will pick the week of March 7th!

  3. Happy Valentine Day!!!! Like two boys pictures in the flowers!! Hope Ron's hurt foot would recover soon!!!
    Finally free to read and follow your blog here, great to read the stories too.

  4. the ER can be so frustrating. I am glad that your hubby's foot is going to be ok. TFS the adorable cards!

  5. Oh you poor dear! Hope your hubby's foot heals quickly! Glad you are (kind of) feeling better. I'm getting there slowly but surely! And those cards are so adorable! As for the dare you put green on it LOL I love your banner, and the green really adds to it :) I hope to get to your challenges today, I have all day to hang in the scrap room, playing with some new things I got this weekend YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :) **hugs**

  6. Hope you and your husband start feeling better soon! I love your "pick me" cards! They are adorable! And, your banner is fun!

  7. Oh boy - you need the healthy fairy to pay your household a visit, eh?! Hope everything is ok!

    You have adorable always!

  8. Hope your dh foot feels better soon!
    Hope you start feeling better and take it easy you just might need a couple more weeks!
    Your banner is so pretty love the colors you used!! The cards I just love for the pick me and the flowers and adding the photos so adorable!!
    Have a blessed week!