Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Window Shopping at CSN

Spring is in the air...or at least I wish it was!! Maybe I should have written, "spring is on my mind"! lol

With all the cold weather that most of the country has been getting lately, I am ready to think of doing fun outdoor things in the sunshine!

One of my favorite things to do is hang outside with my 5 kids while they play. I recently was online "window shopping" at CSN Stores. (Have you shopped CSN Stores yet?? They are awesome!)

Well the first thing I looked at was the swing sets for kids.

I have 5 kids ranging in age from 3-10 years and I have always wanted to get a really cool swing set for them. And there are a ton of different sets to choose from there. I was really looking at those gorgeous ones that are loaded with fun things like little houses, climbing walls and monkey bars.

Here is a picture of my dd outside riding her toy.

I also couldn't help myself and looked at the fab playhouses they have there too. (I mean if you are going to dream...dream big right??!!) There are some amazing ones that I would have loved to have had when I was a kid!!

They actually have them in a large variety of prices so they are totally something that we could save to get for the kiddos! And quite a few have free shipping too!

Another thing I was looking at was a Portable Tetherball System. I absolutely want to get one of these for my kids. My 3 oldest kids are obsessed with tetherball and play it at school everyday. They would just love to have one set up here at our house.

CSN has over 200 stores online and you can find pretty much anything you might want at one of them.

I bet you have seen some CSN giveaways on blogs you follow. I know my friend, Marlene at Disguised as a Grown Up, occasionally has giveaways from them on her blog.

So go check them out and feel a little of the sunshine!!
Oh yeah, here is that card that I made for my new Sketches4all Card challenge. (go check it out!!)
I struggled with it because I was trying to only use scrap paper that was on my desk. I tore it apart twice before finally settling on these papers. It isn't my favorite but it's okay I guess...... What do you think?? Input please!!


  1. They have a tetherball system?! How cool is that. Sounds like they have all the cool stuff for a kid backyard.

  2. I love CSN stores! (And so have the winners of the gift certificates I've had!)

  3. Isn't my granddaughter beautiful...

  4. Beautiful card!
    I love tether ball we had one growing up and loved playing with it!
    I'm not sure who CSN store is so I will have to look it up!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  5. I heart CSN too :)

    Thanks for cheering me up yesterday with your'll be happy to know that after the initial anger wore off, I got myself in that scrap room and created the best card/layout of the year so far! Maybe people should piss me off more often LOL

    I'm glad I could inspire you with the potty chart. It is a big hit here, he has been using it for almost 2 days straight with only one accident! AND, I already have a custom order for a Dora chart, and everyone on facebook is sharing my fan page many people want one! I can't wait until the orders start rolling in! Endless scrappy money LMAO

    Hope you have a great day! Headed to s4a to enter your card challenge :)

  6. oh hun,what a wonderful photo,and as for your card its just gorgoues,hope you are well hun hugs cheryl xxxx