Sunday, April 24, 2011

Everyday Cricut

Everyday Cricut is giving away a Cricut Expression 2. Go check it out!!


  1. Don't worry about me, my dear :) It has been a while since I posted, though, hasn't it? I am feeling much better. Hubby worked all weekend (including all day and night Easter) and I did so much baking/Easter activities with the kids, I haven't had a moment to myself! I'll be posting tomorrow, as tonight is another writing deadline :) When I submit my articles, I will reward myself with crafty time! Hope your family's Easter was fab :)


  2. Oh, and thanks for the giveaway alert :)

  3. Oh I so had to laugh at this post re: the popsicle and missing the school bus....this is just such a boy thing to do glad in the end it worked out and I have to tell you that now I have scaled back on DT work and just doing 3 layouts per month, I actually seem so less stressed and am loving the layouts I am producting, must be the no deadlines. You will be super busy these next few days and as for sleeping next to the sharks tank.....this is just a little spooky for me....but sounds like lots of fun so enjoy, they grow up so quick hey and they will be grown up too soon....I say to Nate every day {could you stop growing please} I know this sounds horrible but the time is just going way too fast...he laughs with me. Love to you all. Melxx