Wednesday, June 8, 2011


It is a super busy week because it is the last week of school. My 5th graders are having a promotion ceremony this evening. My two preschoolers are having their end of year school parties this morning, my 3rd grader is having her awards ceremony this afternoon. And my sister is coming to visit on Friday. And my husband is out of town all week. So it has been crazy around here and will continue to be crazy for a couple more days. So please bear with me.

I took photos of the kids getting on the bus for the last time this year. Here are photos of my two little ones and one of the whole group.

I recently received some new things from Crafter's Companion and I made something with them that I want to share. The things I received are new boards to go on my Crafter's Companion Ultimate Tool. One is called a Boxer and the other is the Envelobox Creator. COOLEST THINGS EVER! They also came with an Advanced Construction Techniques DVD.

I've been having so much fun working my way through all the projects on the DVD. And on Sunday I made this Set of Drawers which is from the advanced section of the DVD.

It took me a little time because there are several parts however it wasn't super hard. You basically use the Boxer to make 4 simple boxes and their holders. You then place them on a 6x6 piece of card stock. (you place them around the edges of the paper) Next you cover them with another 6x6 piece of card stock. I then cut strips of matching paper to glue on the front of each drawer and added a rose for a drawer pull. I lined the drawers with this pp too. Your base is now complete.

I made an Easel card slightly smaller than 6x6 and attached it to the top of the Set of Drawers. I used a Popcorn the Bear stamp from the Crafter's Companion Store and the patterned paper I used was also from them. It was from the Fairyopolis line.

The drawers are the perfect size for gift cards, candy or any number of other fun things.

To finish it off and make my 3d project more professional I used the Envelobox Creator to make an Envelobox to put the Set of Drawers in. The Envelobox is basically an envelope that is shaped deeper and wider than a regular envelope (like a box) so that your 3d projects can fit inside it. This is the simplest thing to do and takes literally a couple of minutes. Everyone needs one of these in the scrap supplies! (really)

Hey, while I am talking about my project for Crafter's Companion I need to tell you that they are having a giveaway on their site. You need to pop over and sign up and try to win!!!

And while you are over there if you comment on my project post I will give you a second entry into my Blogiversary Candy giveaways!! You can use the link above or just scroll down after looking at the CC giveaway post.

Okay, I'm off to finish getting ready for my busy day. Have a great Wednesday!!


  1. wow stacy this is awesome i am so jealous of your new boards lol i want them to go with my pro not sure if i can enter as i live in the uk though is there any way you can let me know hun xx

  2. great pics and love the drawers! You've inspired me to give this a try.

  3. Yippee! School's out for the S-U-M-M-E-R!!
    We have been out for 2 weeks so far! Cute photos! Great cards!

  4. Your projects are always gorgeous, lady.

    Your kiddos are really growing. Summer time is upon us....I'll bet your household gets really busy then!

  5. Wow you are seriously my role model, look at the smiles on your dear little ones, they are so happy, what an awesome mum you are, you must be organised, I wish I could be the same, Nate goes to Kindy next week and I miss him so much already, we had a dvd day today, under the blankets on the lounge, "Bingo" and Beverley Hills Chihwaua 2" and he is still unstoppable, but we have had our coldest June day in history today, 5 degrees tonight expected -2 degrees in the morning so we might sleep in, (making the most of our days together" I am only going back whilst he is in kindy for 15 hours per week, but I will soooo miss him and what he says and does....I am a sook I know....maybe I need to adopt a brother or are my idol dear friend. Melxx and Natexxx

  6. Gorgeous pictures. Love all the smiling faces.

  7. Love the pictures of the kids, they sure are growing. Sorry I haven't been around much but helping run Let's Scrap keeps me super busy. Tomorrow my 2 year old Grandson is coming to stay for a few days while his Mom and Dad go to the hospital to deliver his little baby sister. I can't wait to finally be able to do some girly pages.

  8. Thx Stacy for the chance to win! Shared your pic!