Friday, September 30, 2011

My Birthday Giveaway!

***This will stay at the top for awhile so please scroll down to see new posts***

Okay, here is it the thing you have been waiting for...My Birthday Giveaway!!

Let's celebrate BIG!!

I have FIVE giveaways!! WOO HOO!!

Here is what you have to do to win:

1. Follow me.

2. Post about the giveaway and link back to me from your sidebar.

3. Leave me a comment and tell me what you are looking forward to happening in your life. (random...I know)

The giveaway starts today and ends on September 30th. I will post the winners shortly after that...and they will have 7 days to email me at scrapwithstacy at gmail dot com with their full name and address. After that I will choose another winner.

The first Giveaway includes:

TH Tissue Tape-Traveler (2 rolls)

TH Salvage Stickers (214)

TH Alpha Parts - Ransom (126 alphas and punctuation)

TH Grunge Paper (6 sheets)

TH Salvage Stickers - Crowded Attic (372 stickers)

Stampers Anonymous Stamp Set - Reflections (3 stamps)

TH Adage Tickets (96 tickets)

TH Swivel Clasps (6 sm, 6 lg)n

TH Ornate Plates (6 book plates, 12 fasteners)

TH Mini Fasteners (99)

TH Plaquettes (9 Plaquettes, 18 long fasteners)

TH Hanger Clips (24)

TH Pocket Watch (1 watch frame)

My second giveaway includes:

TH Salvage Stickers - Lost and Found

TH Alpha Parts - Newsprint (159 alphas and punctuations)

1-TH 6x6 Grungebook (12 pages)

TH Journaling Tickets (24 tickets)

TH Trimmings - Lavish

TH Kraft Glassine Pockets (6 tag envelopes)

TH Accoutrements - Fanciful (9 buttons)

TH Philosophy Tags (12 tags)

TH Mini Mask - Compass

TH Mini Mask - Floret

Stampers Anonymous Stamp Set - Air Travel (4 stamps)

Stampers Anonymous Stamp Set - Steampunk (5 stamps)

My third giveaway includes:

TH Stampers Anonymous Stamp Set - Grunge Cirque (6 stamps)

TH Stampers Anonymous Stamp Set - Boundless Flight (5 stamps)

TH Stampers Anonymous Stamp Set - Heartfelt (5 stamps)

My 4th Giveaway includes:

Sheena Douglass Stamp Set - A Little Bit Sketchy - Busy Doing Nothing

Sheena Douglass Stamp Set - A Little Bit Sketchy - Just the Two of Us

Sheena Douglass Stamp Set - A Little Bit Sketchy - Time Flies

And my 5th and final giveaway includes:

The EC Button Studio (Round 14) Custom Button Maker

4 pkgs - EC Button Studio Round 14 Self Adhesive Buttons (20 in each pkg)

Phew....that's a lot of goodies!! I hope you are as excited about possibly winning them as I am to offer them to you.

I just wanted to thank my followers by giving you the opportunity to win. I really appreciate all the wonderful people who visit my blog and leave me comments and inspiration. I feel like I have made so many friends and love talking with you and sharing my art. Thank you so much!


  1. Hi, Stacy.
    First of all i'd like to thank you for such a candy, very useful. I would dream to win.

    About what i'm looking forward to happen... i'm looking forward to have a baby next year. This is my first and only plan. This year i made everything i could - i made repair in a new flat , i made operation on my nose to breath well... next step - ho have baby!

    But i also would like to have some skill improvement in crapbooking :)

  2. Hi!:) thanks for the chance to win this wonderful candy!:) Well, well, well:)
    My plan for near future... :) hmm.
    1. I will get married - may 2012,
    2. I would like to join to some DT Scrap Group:)

    best wishes from Poland!

  3. hiya sweetie
    this is so geneous of you hunni
    thanks for a chance to win
    it's already linked, and i follow you for a while know
    i'm looking forward in live, that my hubby will be home soon, he's in the hospital again
    this hole year he was at home for 2 months, and we hope he get his transplant soon
    my hubby is my whole world you now
    hugs angelique

  4. Hi Stacy!...thanks for the chance to win!...and of course,happy birthday!

    I linked you in my sidebar....I'm and old follower

    My future plan would be:

    1) Finish my PhD studies
    2) Marry with my lovely boyfriend
    3) Have my own craft store!!! (I really want this!!)


  5. its a gr8 candy...but is it open internationally?

    if yes pls count me in....
    i am an old follower....and posting about the candy on sidebar as well...

    well...i want to do lots n lots of crafting and want to open a craft business....

    thanks for chance to win

  6. hello! thank you for the chance to win such great candy!!!! i'm a follower!

    what i'm hoping for is to be able to buy this building i've had me eye on for a long time that finally went up for sale!

  7. What a terriffic candy!! I was a follower allready, so I would love to have a chance to win these yummy goodies.
    What I want in live.... is some more happiness for everybody and especially for those whome I love.
    Thank you for the chance,
    Hugs, Marianne

  8. Hello, sweet Stacy!!!
    Woo-hooo... This is a really super-duper gorgeous Giveaway!!!!! So it is on my left sidebar already ;)))
    I'm looking forward:

    1) A lot of children!!! I hope to start with one in a close future)...
    2) Ecovillage!!! Living in a eco-house natural life, doing Permaculture, creating different things, painting, making photos, scrapbooking))) - this is my dream that I'm looking forward!!!!)))

  9. Happy Birthday , Stacy ! Hope you have a wonderful one .
    Thanks for the chance to win your awesome candy/ candies ! So generous of you to share. I'm an old follower and have your candy linked to in my blog. I wish I win because I really need these goodies - we do have them available out here!
    What I'm looking forward to :
    I'm fairly new to paper crafting because out here we do not get supplies for it. It has been a major set back. I'm looking forward to participate in a big paper craft exhibition in December and I really want to create some beautiful things . I hope this can be a good platform because I also want to promote paper crafts like quilling , cardmaking, altered art and scrap booking in this place. I would love to teach these crafts !

  10. Thanks for doing this, i have posted it on my blog. Things i am looking forward to:

    Our best friends are having a baby this december and i wil be taking care of their little princes two to three morning every week, and i am really looking forward to it.

    Our christmass holiday which we will spend with our family in spain.

    And to a lot of scrappy nights with my two kids.

    Big hugs, Gina

  11. Wow, thanks for this awesome giveaways!! My plans are to reorganices my finances and to lose some weight! I´m working so hard on these goals!

  12. I'm a long time follower and posted about this awesome giveaway on my blog!!!!! I'm looking forward to seeing my baby boy grow!!!

  13. I am looking forward to a day when I can just scrap all day long...!!!

  14. I'm not looking to win anything, but I did want to say Happy Birthday!!!

  15. Hi! thanks for the chance to win! I am already a follower, and I am headed back to my blog to put the link up now!
    My plans for the near future include some diy home projects!

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  17. hi Stacy

    thanks for the chance on the amazing Candy, i have followed your blog for quite some time now. very interesting question and i know the answer without thinking about it. I am looking forward to spending quality time with my husband, He works shift :(
    Plus.. we have a friend living with us at the moment due to him recently splitting from his wife and kids. So when hubby is at home we always have company which is difficult sometimes.
    Hence me looking forward to our holiday in November together, and...... while away it will be my 30th Birthday too.

    Sarah x

  18. Hi Stacy! Thanks so much for this wonderful chance to win. I look forward to get my bachelor in sosial work in june :))
    Happy birthday from Anita in Norway!!

  19. Hi Stacy
    I have been following u all along and even thogu i don't comment very often i always see ur new project n love them!! Wish u a very happy birthday and thanks for the chance... well wat's new! am off to my parents home next week for 5 days!! we stay very far and its a 2 hrs flight :) so am all excited. Post marriage since dec 10 its my first long vacation alone with them :)

  20. Hi dEAR
    TKS for chance to win!!!
    I'm a follower and posted about in my blog's sidebar!
    My plans for the near future is change to another house, if possible in another city too! rs

  21. Hi Stacy..again a wonderful giveaway..woohoo those TH stamps ,I'm already follow you.I'm looking forward to ...all good things for my family..
    HUGS JOse

  22. Such fun candies!! So I am already a follower, I posted your candy on my sidebar and I just found out that my MIL and Nana are planning on moving out to AZ!! Yippee we are so excited, we have been telling them for years to come since they are all alone out in GA! They need to come and be with the grandkids before they get too old! And that means instead of vacationing in GA maybe somewhere Amazing!! I get so excited thinking of the possibilities! Since we are mostly alone out here it will be so nice to have someone help out just a little! We will be flying back and forth to help the move so it will be an exciting time for us!

    And I have a blog award for you!


  23. hi Stacy wow what an amazing candy to offer on your birthday which i hope is the best day ever for you,well i live life day to day so really i just hope each of those days bring me health and happiness and that me and my family will be as close later on as we are today i feel totally blessed with the loved ones in my life.I have put your candy in my sidebar for others to see right at the very top too have a great weekend huni xx

  24. What a fantastic giveaway! I was already following you, and I've posted about the giveaways at both my blogs - & (which will also appear on Facebook and Twitter) and I've posted a widget with picture and link back on my Blogger blog (couldn't get it to work on Wordpress, dang it).

  25. Happy Birthday in advance! Sounds like you had a wonderful time!
    Thanks for the chance at the beautiful giveaways! You buy TH goodies in bulk huh? lol I don't know where you get it all!

    I've been your follower for a long time :)

    I posted about your giveaway on my sidebar :)

    I'm looking forward to enjoying every last bit of vacation left!

    Great to hear your DD is doing well. She's 3 I'm sure the threapist will take that into consideration and not ask her for more than she can give.

    See you around!

  26. What a great pile of fun treats! You certainly know how to celebrate your day! :)

    I am looking forward to fall settling in and things getting back to a normal routine. This summer has been stressful but looking a little better now. I love the fall season and the beautiful colours.

    Thanks for sharing! :)

    scrappingsomememories dot blogspot dot com

  27. Happy Birthday!!!! And thanks for a chance to win! I'm a follower and posted your pic and link on my blog candy page.

    What am I looking forward to? Winning your fab blog candy!! (hey, a girl's gotta dream!!)

    amyis300 AT hotmail DOT com

  28. I just became a follower, and my most immediate plans are to try and get through Irene and reclean up the house and yard!


  29. Well, heck! I'll follow you anywhere! Almost that is! Just found your blog and I'll certainly link you on my sidebar! Let's see..what am I looking forward to in my life! Winning one of your give-a-ways, of course! Thanks!!

  30. Hi hun, thans for your sweet comment on my daughters pictures. I am so proud of her!! Haven't had much time for blogging last week with school starting but did some crafting tonight. So a birthday candy, when's your birthday hun? Or are you keeping it a secret LOL!! Don't tell me I missed it and I'm too late to congratulate you :( Anyway, what am I looking forward to in my life??? Easy peasy, to the return of my Doctor so he can give me the injection in my shoulder which will stop the pain from the arthritus. It's killing me grrrrr!! Hugs, Frea

  31. i'm following, and have linked on my blog and also on the sidebar. i'm looking forward to getting into my scrap supplies once my studio is finished!! (hope i win, i never win anything!!)

  32. oooooooo what delish candy, Stacy! Wowie!
    I became a follower & posted it on my blog sidebar for all to see.
    I'm really looking forward to my son & daughter-in-law to move back to California next year & start a family. He's a resident doctor in New York & has been gone for over 3 years.
    Thanks a bunch!
    Huggies ~

  33. I have been a follower for years. I hope you will consider me for your candy altho' I don't have a blog yet. I hope your birthday was lots of fun and you got to read as much as you wanted to. I am looking forward to our annual trip to War Eagle with my daughter and my sister. xoxoxox

  34. I don't know if I qualify to enter since I'm blogless. I am, however, a follower and visit often (even if I don't always comment, bad me!) I'd love to be entered for what's an amazing celebration candy. Happy Birthday to you! Looking forward to...I'd love to have next year be a healthy year for my entire family. Seems to have been one thing after another for the last couple of years.

  35. i'm a long time follower. i posted on my blog i'm looking forward to getting more lo's completed now that i have the time.

  36. Hi Stacy, Been a long time follower. I visit at times but dont comment as much as i should. Happy Birthday!!
    I am looking foward to scrapy weekends with my friends.

  37. Awesome candy! Happy Birthday! New follower, and blogged/side barred about your site.
    For my future im looking forward to creating things(crafts and/or painting) and starting a family. For my very immediate future i hope the hurricane goes gentle on us.=P

  38. Happy Birthday! Ofcourse I follow you already LOL...and will link this to my blog..
    I look forward that my brother and SIL is coming with Christmas,its the first time since they emigrated that they are here with X-mas.

    As always awesome candy..your too generous!

  39. Happy Birthday, Love the candy.
    1) See more of the world
    2) Be more creative
    3) Lose some weight

    Hugs, Chantal S

  40. Happy Birthday!!!! And thanks for a chance to win! I'm a follower and posted your pic and link on my sitbar.

    What am I looking forward to? Making cards every day.
    hugs Tessa & Anke

  41. You get the most generous blogger award! Anyway, I wasn't going to enter seeing how lucky I have been since I've been blogging, but I really would like to win #5!! :-) So, here I go... I look forward to having no pain in my upper legs after my surgery in October! I hope that the cause of the pain has finally been discovered! Thanks for having a great blog (even without the candy) and for all of the fun challenges you do at Sketches 4 All!!! You rock!
    I've posted your candy on my sidebar!

  42. thanks for the chance to win
    i followed you!
    i am looking forward to seeing my aunt in oct! she lives in VA ad i live in CO with no family here!

  43. Wow!!!What an amazing candy!!Thanks for giving us the chance to win it!
    Well...I look forward to having my own English school someday and getting involved with translating books...!!

  44. Happy birthday Stacy (Not sure when it is) x Amazing candy very exciting x what am I looking forward to? A holiday............ Not sure when or where or even if x But I am sure looking forward to one.... one day x Leigh x

  45. I am looking forward to using these new materials for making pages in my first art journal. Thanks, Stacy.

  46. Happy birthday Stacy & such lovely giveaways. My future plans are to renovate our house & include a great scrapbbook,craft area & to continue teaching & sharing this wonderful craft. I posted you on my blog sidebar
    Happy Scrapping...Susan

  47. awesome giveaway! tfac! i am looking forward to adding on to my family someday (hopefully this year cause i am getting!):) jen t. :)

  48. Wonderful giveaway! It's on my sidebar ;).
    What I am looking forward to happen?!... Hmm... what should I start with?!
    First would be that I am looking forward to have my own apartment (now we are living in a rented one), but this won't happen till we won't get married so I am looking forward to get married (to my wonderful boyfriend) some day :)... next year probably.

  49. thank you for such a great candy It's on my sidebar... im looking forward to the fall.. i cant wait to decorate my house!!

  50. Wow!!! Fantastic candy! Thanks for the chance to win!
    I am a follower for a long while already. I linked it on sidebar in my blog.
    Hugs. larisa xx

  51. Thanks for the chance! I have linked from my blog. I am looking forward our trip to Mexico (from Finland!!) in March 2012.

  52. Great candy! I'm already following and there's a link in my sidebar . With summer getting to an end and everyone being on vacation, I'm looking forward to my own break: 2,5 weeks working and I'm off to Italy! Thanks for a chance to win! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

  53. Добрый день! С огромным удовольствием стала вашим ПЧ!:-) Замечательная конфетка!!! Вот ссылочка:

  54. I am looking forward to a trip to upstate New York in October.

  55. First of all, great give away! In my future... I hope to be at my sisters wedding in November, watching her going down the isle. I haven't seen her or my family in 6 years, its time to go back to Germany and see my family and scrapbook her wedding and everything else I missed in the past few years.

  56. Thanks for the candy! I'm a follower and link to my local scrap event page, working on blog.

  57. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Stacy!!! WOW... you have the GREATEST giveaways! Thanks for a chance to win some wonderful goodies AGAIN! I am your follower and have posted and linked your giveaway on my blog!
    For the future... I just lost my Mom and my hope is for healing and to spend more time with my children and my grandchildren.

  58. Wow these are some Super Duper GREAT Giveaways. I'm a September birthday too. Here's to celebrating our month together. I'm looking forward to having a successful business doing what I love..."crafting". Happy Birthday... Felicia - frankleecrafts [at] gmail [dot] com

  59. Happy birthday dear. I´m glad to be a follower and thaks for this amazing chance.I hope I can make an extreme makeover in my house. We really need to do this. LOL
    Things are complicated here. But that´s ok, we are happy anyway
    I linked your candy on my blog´s sidebar
    xoxoxo from Brazil

  60. Thank you for a chance!
    My link is on a left sidebar
    In future I want to become a mother :)

  61. HI STACY :)
    That is really a lot of stuff for candy ..
    I totally appreciate the opportunity.
    amazing creativity your cards :)
    belated birthday wishes..God bless.
    For the future ...i wish to take up crafting seriously and own an online card store once i am done with my phd


  62. Amazing giveaway!! You are always so generous!! Hope you have a fabulous Birthday!!
    I'm looking forward to get exercising more
    and finishing up some small organization projects!!

  63. ! Hi Stacy ... thanks for the opportunity to participate ... Happy Birthday !!!!! are already in my sidebar .... I am a follower and my future plan would be: 1) Finish remodeling my house 2) Losing the fear of giving courses 3) Have my own shop. regards

  64. Hola stacy gracias por la oportunidad de ganar este super candy, un saludo Magdalena

  65. Thanks for letting me celebrate your birthday with you! What a great deal you get the b-day and we get a gift, lol. I'm looking forward to meeting my new daughter-n-law this holiday. I can't wait! Mimi

  66. Hi Stacy!...thanks for the chance to win!...and of course,happy birthday!

    I linked you in my sidebar....I'm follower for a long time . Hugs Ewa

  67. First let me say "Happy Birthday"!!!!
    Second, thank you so much for these AMAZING giveaways!
    Third, yes, I'm a blog follower and I posted about your birthday celebration on my blog
    Fourth, I'm looking forward to being more organized this school year and keeping my boys on a much tighter schedule! Can you tell, by how organized my comment is...first, second, third...LOL! But really, hope that you have a beautiful birthday and thank you for sharing with us!

  68. Happy birthday stacey !
    simply jaw dropping !!
    I m your regular follower .. i m also on sketches for all ..
    I really hope that you get the best in your life

  69. Happy Birthday, Stacy! What a generous giveaway!
    > Visit my folks in the Philippines, it's been 7 long years since my last visit
    > getting pregnant maybe,..haha! I am not really sure on this. LOL!
    > be able to LEARN more crafting skills

  70. Happy Birthdag Stacy!
    and what a wonderfull giveaway!

    May 31, 2011, I married. I am looking forward to this wonderful day!

    Thanks for the chance to winn
    greetings, Mandy

  71. Wow what a great giveaway.. Happy Birthday month.. I love September Bdays... we have 3 over here this month so I love to celebrate.. I love the Tim Holtz giveaway too! Fingers crossed..

  72. Hi Stacy

    First I want to wish you a Happy Birthday!
    I would like a chance at this beautiful car giveaway to win!
    I am follower become place your image in the sidebar of my blog with a link to you.
    I have not spent with cards and such to make but I hope in future I can learn a lot.

    Greetings Marianne

  73. Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday!! Hope you have the best day ever!! Mine is in Sept too. I loving your lo and tags.. Very pretty.


    {Pattie's passion}

    I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!

    PS... don't include my name since I've already won a fabulous prize from you!

  74. Hi,
    I am a follower and i posted this on my side bar.Thanks for the chance to win! Hugs!

    *I am looking forward to find a better job.

  75. Awesome candy=)
    I posted it here.
    As for the plans.. to finish ongoing scrap projects and to find interesting job. I have a whole list of things I want to finish or learn till NY%)

  76. Happy bday! Thanks for the chance to win something! I am looking forward to my sons wedding.

  77. Happy, Happy Birthday! I can't believe the awesome candy you are giving away! I'm so happy I found your awesome blog through "Scrap it Girl's" blog! I'm now a follower and will be posting to my sidebar as soon as done here!
    What I'm looking forward to?--I have these wonderfully,awesome, crafty ideas in my head--and I'm looking forward to finding the time to actually do them!

  78. Following, linked, blogged (, and looking forward to....
    going camping with my little doggie!
    In two weeks time we're heading off with a camper trailer! Can't wait. Haven't ever stayed in one before - only in an ordinary tent.

  79. Im a follower, I will be trying to post on my blog (however my Blog is private until I have a chance to complete it), and lookign forward to finally getting a place to beable to papercraft anytime I want (instead of dragging everything out to the dining room table for the afternoon). Thank you so much for the chance to win such marvelous goodies.

  80. I'm follower... linked... 27/07 was born my son - Jakub, so my plans for the near future is spend my time with him :) Hugs from Poland:)

  81. Hi Stacy! Thanks for running this amazing giveaway! I am following and I have linked and blogged about it here

    What I'm most looking forward to is for our sick cat to be well again very soon. She is 18 years old, she's been ill all summer, and we've been struggling to get her stabilised so we can have a few more happy months or years with her.

  82. Just hopping on by as Pendra sent me. What a wonderful birthday giveaway! Happy Birthday!

  83. Wow, ANOTHER fabulous giveaway! Such yummy goodness. I would love to win. I am already a follower of your amazing blog and have posted your giveaway on my sidebar at:

    What I'm looking forward to most is the birth of our first child, Madalynne Grace in 4 short weeks! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  84. I am a new follower and I have Posted this on my sidebar. Thanks for the chance to win. Right now I am looking forward to meeting my new Great Great Nephew who was just born.
    Eva :0)
    I have a Cricut Cartridge giveaway on my blog

  85. wow xxx what great candy xxx this year im looking forward to taking my little boy to see santa as this will be the 1st year that he really starts to understand xxx

  86. Wow, great blog candy! Thanks for the chance to win. I am a follower and I have added you to my sidebar.
    I am looking forward to the weather turning cooler. I am looking forward to my birthday in Oct. I have a bunch of gfs I am planning on spending the weekend with and I need it!! I can't wait!!

  87. Ab Fab Blog Candy! Thanks for the sharing. New follower love what I see.
    In the family realm I look forward to watching my kids grow. My son just started Kinder and my daughter is going to dance classes so it's great watching them just learn and grow.
    On the professional side I look forward to my professional Paper crafting career taking off. I teach now and would love my classes to grow and blog to get some sponsors.
    Thanks again and Happy Birthday! moniqueleslie at gmail dot com

  88. What wonderful work! And I'd LOVE to win!

  89. what an awesome giveaway Stacy and thank you for visiting my blog

  90. omg stacy happy bday what nice gift to play it forward. that is amazing and i love tim holtz woohooo thanks for the opp to win.!!! i will def. follow your blog its so nice and very inspiring. so you asked what i hope to do in the future (random) its to finally be able to do pages of the good times i shared with my ex and my duaghter - i just cant seem to go back and i know its not fair to my dd not to make her albums.
    happy bday again stacy you rock!!
    rosey rodriguez, new york city

  91. oh you also asked ? what i m looking forward too !
    well i m looking forward to create more n more cards and scrapbooks

  92. I'm an official follower and I'm so in for a give away! Thanks for a chance to win! I'm looking forward to spending some much needed time with my husband and relaxing by making cards and scrapbooking my new grandson!


  93. Happy birthday....!
    i want to have my craft shop,
    thanks for a chance to win such yummy prizes,
    i am already a follower,
    keeping my fingers cross.

  94. hi hun oh happy birthday to you happy birthday to you,happy birthday dear stacey happy birthday to you.
    what i would love to do in the future hun is,just to,hope my daughter settles down with someone,who loves and respects her,like they should and just someone to take care of her and not treat her so badly like she has been,nothing else just her happiness would mean the world to me,thanks for the chance to win hun you are such a star and a great inspiration too love hugs cherylxxxxxxxxx

  95. What a dear you are, Stacy!! I've posted about your giveaway on my blog, and thank you for the chance to win something wonderful!
    I am looking forward to moving out of the city and into a small town in a month. Then the rest of the year will be spent unpacking. lol

  96. hi stacy,
    i am a new follower and have posted about your candy in my sidebar.and my future plans include making and selling cards and other crafty items on a larger scale than what i am doing at present.
    thank u for the chance to win this wonderful candy.

  97. hi Stacy!
    not sure if I qualify for this fantastic giveaway since I have no blog...but because I follow yours regularly for more than a year now I thought I may give it a try :)
    my future plans include:
    - throwing my birthday party tonight :)
    - starting a new job - so please keep your fingers crossed for me
    best greetings from Justyna (

  98. First let me say "Happy Birthday"!!!!
    Second, thank you so much for these AMAZING giveaways!
    Third, yes, I'm a blog follower and I posted about your birthday celebration on my blog
    Fourth, I'm looking forward to go to India with my new baby :)

  99. WOW! Great candy! Happy Birthday!
    I am a new follower and posted on my sidebar!
    I am looking forward to finishing our house and HOPEFULLY buying more land and starting a family! Lots of big hopes and wishes! :)

    Thanks for a chance to win!

  100. WOW!! WOW!! WOW!!

    BLOG :

  101. I am a follower,I am looking forward to watching my son be a sophmore in high school,joydee1963 at yahoo dot com

  102. I'm already a follower of you amazing blog. Very awesome giveaways, BTW. I do say I'm very interested in the button maker how cool is that.

    I've been trying to lose about 40ish pounds. So far I've dropped 10 but I have a long way to go.

    I'm looking forward to finishing my 101 in 1001.

    Thanks Stacy!!!

  103. Hi Stacy

    I am already a follower. What fantastic candies, thank you so much for the chance.
    Happy Birthday.

    Hugs Ali x

  104. Hi Stacy! I wish you a wonderful birthday month! also receive many gifts because you're very generous with the prize for your followers. Thank you for the opportunity to participate.I've posted about your giveaway on my blog, Greetings from Argentina!! Vanyu Kay

  105. Happy Birthday Stacy! This is my first visit to your blog. It's so cute and colorful. I've added your button to my sidebar. You can see it here:

    I'm just looking forward to cooler weather. And getting to know you too. Thanks for letting me enter your really generous giveaway.

    Hope you enjoy this beautiful Sunday.
    Hugs...Tracy :)

  106. Stacy, great giveaway, thanks for the opportunity. I am a follower, posted it on my blog here..

    ..and a link in my sidebar.

    I look forward to the day I no longer have to do car pool, which just happens to be in 10 minutes, and get to use that time for a nap!


  107. Hi Stacy, gorgeous giveaway and thanks for a chance to win. I am a follower and posted it on my side blog.

    I look forward to a fun and healthy days with my family and our nearing trip to HongKong.

  108. Wow thanks for the chance to win such fantastic Candy, I already follow u and have linked you all up :)
    hugs Nikki
    I'm looking forward to Halloween at the moment have to start making my costume !!

  109. Love your blog! I am already a follower. I will post your candy on my sidebar when I am done here..... Congrats on your birthday...and many more...! I look forward to learning how to use my Make the Cut program with my Cricut better- there are so many things to learn!

  110. Happy birthday Stacy! Thanks for letting your visitors celebrate with you =) I'm looking forward to starting a new job in october however I am a little nervous lol. Keep up the fabulous work with everything =)

  111. Thanks for the chance to win!!

    I've been your follower for a long time, and I posted about your giveaway on my blog. (

    I have to leave at home for a medical leave. So,I'm looking forward to passing these days as best as possible.

  112. I found your blog thru an eBay group post. I can't wait to try the fabric basket -- your tutorial looks so easy!
    4wd wreckers