Monday, September 26, 2011

My Sweet Boy's Smile

Isn't that the sweetest smile ever!!?!? This is my lovely little boy, Riley. I was outside taking photos of my layouts and he grabbed me and asked me to take a photo of a bug. I told him I would rather take a photo of him. So he gave me a big smile. (I also took a photo of the bug for him to see) I just thought I would share.

I have two layouts to show you today. They were for the last two challenges at the Sketch-A-Thon at Sketches4all. The first one is a layout to remind me of my summer travel dramas! lol It is a photo of the blown tire on our RV during out trip to Oklahoma. I actually saved a piece of the tire tread that I found on the road to add to my layout. But have you ever tried to cut a steel belted radial tire?! So I peeled it down to this thin sliver that I have stapled on the page. Not quite the same effect but you get the drift. And I will definitely know what it is. It just doesn't show too well in the photo. I had a lot to write about so I hid the journaling tag.

My second layout is of a photo from last Halloween. I don't have many photos from last Halloween because I was in the hospital having surgery that weekend and got to come home on Halloween in the early evening. I hobbled in and made the kids smile for a photo but I didn't last long before I had to go lay back down. So it isn't the best photo.

How was your weekend?? I was fairly productive and did several scrappy projects (mostly DT projects that you will have to wait to see). I'm feeling oddly caught up so I must be missing something!!! LOL

This week my two older boys have picture day at school so I guess I need to find them a cute outfit. I did get their hair cut last week. I'm that Mom who loves super short hair on the boys and long hair on the girls. I'm not sure why. I do know I love to run my hand over the boys hair and feel how soft and bristly it feels. And I love to do different cute hair styles with the long hair. Unfortunately for me my older daughter doesn't like anything but a low ponytail...sigh.... I'm still hoping that my little girl will be girlie!! LOL She doesn't have much hair yet. It is pretty fine. I had it cut to above her shoulders that last time in hopes that it would start to thicken up! lol Maybe I should have had them shave it. LMAO

Two more weeks until I leave to go to Oklahoma. I'm flying there to get my mother and my aunt and drive my RV (which is already there) to Arkansas to the craft festivals. We start with a big one called War Eagle Fair. There are hundreds of craft festivals the week of October 12th - 16th in northwestern AR. Some are really big shows with hundreds of people selling their crafts. Every corner has a garage sale going on and the antique stores are open until midnight! My idea of HEAVEN!! We just have the best time! We have gone for the last 25 years! (we missed maybe 2 years) I'm a little worried about my 82 year old aunt this year because she is struggling with leukemia and starts back on chemo this week. The beauty of taking the RV is that even if she isn't feeling well she can come and do as little or as much as she wants. There is always the RV to go back and rest in. She can just spend the whole trip reading or sleeping if she wants.

Okay, that is enough for today. Hope you are having a wonderful Monday!! TGIM!


  1. Yes, he has a gorgeous smile....and I'm lovin' those halloween "bones" in the title of your layout!

  2. I won't comment the LO at all...I'll just say that your son is awesome!!!!What a bright smile this is!!!

  3. oh hun,what an amazing layout and oh your son hun he is so,cute wonderful smile,he has hugs cherylxxxxxx

  4. Sweet smile! Sounds like you've got a great time coming up with your Mom and Aunt. Enjoy!

  5. Yep, he's a cutie! And your craft trip is my idea of Heaven also... we go to a craft sale yearly at a big old farm, they have all the barns, horse stalls, and out buildings all set up. It takes all day to travel through once and god forbid you didn't grab what you liked because to try and remember where you saw it is not possible! Love your layouts and the tire strip is adorable! It's a memory... not a great one, but a memory! Also love the old bone title!

  6. Stacy what a precious picture of your son!!
    Love those Lo's and what a fabulous idea to add strips of your tire to the LO!!
    Wow! antique shopping until midnight Im jealous!!
    I can't wait to see what all you find on that adventure!!
    How fun to enjoy it with family!!
    A few years ago my sister and I went to the amish community in centeral IN and did some antique and craft shopping we had a blast!!

  7. Hey Girl! These are some awesome lay-outs! Love those Halloween Letters! Super fun! Craft sale-ing in an RV... can anything be better??? That sounds like so much fun! I asked H Hey can I go crafting around for a few days, maybe a retreat, rv crafting, something fun? He said No... (Instead of picking a fight I decided to wait till I actually have some Place to go, then pick a fight!) LOL!

  8. Hi Stacy, your little boy sure has a cute smile. Love the layout and the colours too.

    Happy Crafting
    Linda xxxx

  9. Yes, Riley does have a cute smile! I imagine that is how you keep going some days as busy as you are!!! Your layouts are both great! I hope you have a great time in Arkansas! I wish I could see you since I'm only about 5 hours from where you will be... :-)

  10. Hi, Stacy! Thanks for your kind words and about the date!
    I accidently grabbed the wrog gone when she updated it!
    Thanks for the remnider because I probably would not have noticed it until soemtime today!!
    Have a wonderful day!!