Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Extreme Bed Head!

Want to see a hilarious case of bed head??!!  This is what I saw when I went into the kitchen this morning. 

I'm not sure if you can quite get the feel of how bad it is.  Let's get a little closer...

While I was helping someone else find something my oldest son got Georgie up, dressed and set her in front of a bowl of cereal.  Apparently, he doesn't feel that personal grooming is important before you put on your NEW GLASSES!! 

Yep, I said it...new glasses!!  They actually called me yesterday afternoon and told me her glasses were in.  I piled all the kids in the car (hubby is out of town) and off we went.  Here is a better photo after her introduction to a hair brush.

I'm not sure why but I'm loving that serious look on her face.  She moved every time I tried to take one of her smiling....blurrrrville.   Aren't they cute on her??!!  She seems to be doing pretty well with them so far.  She wore them to school and came home with them still on her face.  I think that is definitely progress! ha

Okay, enough about my little baby doll.  I actually did scrap a tiny bit.  I started working on a page in my journal.  I used the same papers from G45.  I made a little pocket and then made a tag to go in the pocket.

The tag was made to go along with my friend, Michelle's tag challenge over at Sketches4all. (challenge ends today) She gave us a sketch to use and we were told to use something altered.  I actually pull some scrap chipboard from my scrap pile for the base of the card.  I had done some embossing on it and didn't like it so tossed it in the pile.  (Georgie had mixed two containers of embossing powder together and when heated they looked awful together)
here is the before
here is the after

I made a layout for Crafter's Companion using the Stamp It -Butterfly Frame stamp that we are giving a sneak peak of this week.  It will soon be in stores.  I told you yesterday that I really like this set of stamps because they really work well on layouts and other altered projects like my journal.  I love that!  I am just going to show you my layout here.  If you want more details on it go check out the post I did over at CC Blog today

I will tell you that I scrapped a photo of my sister and our cousin. In the photo they are sitting on our grandmother's lap. My sister and our cousin were both born prematurely in the same city on the same day but in different hospitals. We always call them the "Twin Cousins". Neither my aunt nor my mother knew the other one was having a baby at the same time they were!! That memory definitely deserved a layout to commemorate it!
Notice that I used the same G45 paper from Botanicabella.  Yummy paper!!
Okay enough for now.  I hope you are having a great Tuesday.  Thank for visiting.


  1. Love the bed head look! The glasses are cute! That cousins page is gorgeous and I am loving the journal! I really want to start one now! It is funny. I won a smash book from Fancy Pants but it will not ship until after your challenge is over! I thought it was funny that you had the challenge right after I won!!! I guess I could do a page for it anyway and add it in! :-)

  2. Oh my goodness she is such a cutie-She is adorable as can be bed head or not.
    How fun she kept her glasses on-Has she said things look different?

    I really loved your layout with these stamps-I need to start scrapping again.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Stacy thank you for your comments on my work at SOS. I just love your little girl with her new glasses. As the doc said her world was so small. My son was 7 before he had his first pair for the same reason and when he looked up it was in wonder at this new world before him. She will improve in everything from now on. Love your cousins page too, and your journal.

  4. OMG!! That tag is so pretty!
    Thanks for joining in!!
    Love your LO so pretty!!

  5. Haha! She looks super cute with her bed hair. How nice that your son helps out!
    I love your tag and all the butterflies :)

  6. Aww, she looks adorable in her new glasses!! Do you know if she's focusing good enough to see much of a difference yet?

  7. Hi Stacy, I think she just looks adorable with her glasses and her bad hair day LOL!! I love your work, great layout and I love that tag you made, Huggies, Frea

  8. Awww! That is so funny! Mine would go to school with bed head if I let her! Her glasses are so super adorable! Mine is already bugging me about contacts! Seriously she is 10! I didn't get mine until my 20s! Loving the tag and super paper! Great lay-out too, what a great story!