Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Christmas in July!

Merry Christmas! Oh....hey...it's July isn't it?! I have gotten so caught up in my new Stamp It Christmas stamps that I guess I'm hearing sleigh bells!! lol  I think I have something to share with you today that you will love. Stamp It has come out with a new collection of Christmas stamps and I am lucky enough to get to give you a little taste of them before they are even available to purchase!! WOO HOO!! I love sneak peaks, don't you?

These stamps are so cute that I wanted to make something extra special with them. I pulled out my The Ultimate Christmas Project DVD. And I let Sara take me away to golly old England! Well, not really but I do love hearing her lovely British accent while she walks me through the easy to follow step by step instructions. Sit back and relax and follow along as I make my project!

I picked out the Set of Drawers project and pulled out an 11" x 6 1/4" piece of red card stock. I made my project on my Ultimate Tool so next I got that out and opened it up to the box making side.

Using the Box Base side I butted the short side up against the edge and scored the paper on line 5. I folded and burnished the line and then butted up the folded line and scored the paper again on line 5. I repeated this process 2 more times to make all 4 sides of my box.

Next I cut out a matching piece of card stock that measured 6 1/4" x 1 1/4". I adhered this down on the short edge of the piece. This extends it and makes it look better on the front.

Then you need to cut out 2 pieces of the same card stock at 3 7/16" square. These will be the top and bottom of the drawers. Using the box lid side of the board score all four sides on line 1. Fold and burnish the line. Then you will cut a small triangle out from each corner. I used wet glue on the back of these cut areas to form my boxes.

Next cut out 4 pieces of paper at 4 7/8" square. These will be the actual drawers. Now you need the Ultimate Tool again. And you will need to do the same process as with the two smaller squares to make your drawer boxes except this time you will score all 4 sides on line 2.

Now you should have all 6 boxes made and ready to glue down on your card base. Start with the short edge on your left. Grab one of the drawer boxes (larger ones) and glue it on the left panel near the top leaving room for a smaller drawer to fit in the space above it. Then take another drawer and glue it a step down on the next panel, do this with the each of the last 2 drawers making sure that you will have enough space between them to fold up your card.

After these dry, fold the box together and make sure it closes. Then take the smaller box and glue it on the far right panel at the very top. And glue down the final small box on the bottom of the middle panel under the 2nd drawer. (both with the opening facing down)

There you go, it is now all ready for you to embellish! I stamped out the Stamp It Wreath and colored it with my awesome Spectrum Noir markers. I used DG2, DG4, CR11, DR1, IG1, IG2, and EB1. I fussy cut the image out and layered it onto red card stock and also onto a shimmery green card stock. I added some Crystal Stickles for some sparkle.

I cut out some matching patterned paper and glued it down to the front of the box and then glued half my wreath to the left half of the front.

I punched out a hole above the wreath for my cord to go through. I folded my box back up and marked through the hole so that I would know where to poke my holes on the other side. I poked two holes on the right side. I went down the middle hole from the front and up and out the other hole. That way I would be able to pull one side up through the hole on the side of the front with the wreath attached. That enabled me to tie the box shut.

I drew 4 holly leaves freehand and fussy cut them out. I used my embossing tool to score veins on the leaves and then creased them along these lines to give them dimension. I attached them to the top of my box, added some red buttons from my stash and to finish up, I layered my sentiment onto matching card stock and glued it down inside the box.

It was so fun to make this set of drawers card and I love how it turned out!   You can put all sorts of goodies in these little drawers.  I can see myself giving it to a friend with the drawers filled with scrap goodies!! ha

Okay, this is long enough and I bet you are tired of being here so I will say goodbye for today.


  1. This is awesome Stacy,thanks for the tutorial!
    Merry Christmas in July to you:)

  2. Totally love it and what a great idea--adding scrappy goodies to it!! :-)

  3. This is really unique and so fun!!
    Love how you decorated yours and love that stamp!!

  4. I think your Christmas card is AWESOME!!!!

  5. This is such a great design! I love those little drawers! OMG can you believe the trailer??? I cannot wait until October!! You had better get some thing other than Dish I keep seeing messages... will no longer be availble to Dish Users.... Aackk!
    we have been so busy!! We are cleaning out/reorganizing/rearranging/switching rooms/buying furniture for our house and it is consuming my every spare second! It is just NEVER ending!! I am having the carpets cleaned on Tuesday and I still need to move all my furniture out of the living room. My Son moved out but left tons of crap behind so I have been nagging him to come back and take it! The girls are getting seperate bedrooms, I am HOPING to have an island installed in my craftroom. My H said not to hold my breath but it is now officially on his honey do list. We are also just 3 weeks away before school starts back up! Sounds like you are enjoying your summer!! I need to kick it pool side more often!

  6. I absolutely love this, Stacy!! I thought I had come over to leave you a comment on your blog, but realized I only left a comment on the Crafter's Companion blog.