Tuesday, July 31, 2012

With Love

Hello and welcome!! Stacy here on this lovely Tuesday to share with you a fun project I made using my Ultimate Tool. I'm not sure what I am calling it. I saw something similar in a magazine and thought it was so cute. So I just basically tried to come up with my own version of it. Here is a photo of it. What do you think?

It kind of looks like a box doesn't it?? Well it's not a box and it isn't a card but a hybrid of the two. Sort of...lol It folds open and has a place on the inside that holds some mini envelopes. I thought that you could easily put gift cards, bath beads, cocoa or some other fun goodies in the envelopes.

Here's how I made it. First I pulled out my Ultimate Tool because I pretty much use this puppy with every project I make!! ha   Seriously!!

I cut a piece of card stock to the measurements of 4" x 12". Working on the inches side of the board I butted the short end of my card stock up to the handle side of the board and scored the paper at 3 1/2 inches, folded and burnished and then butted up the folded edge to the handle side of the board again and scored at 1 inch. Repeat this process, scoring at 3 1/2" and then at 1 inch. This gives you the base of your project.

Next I cut a piece of matching patterned paper 7 inches long by a little over a half an inch wide. I just eyeballed it. I scored it at 1/2 inch and then at 1 1/2 inches after butting the short side to the handle side of the board. Then I flipped it and did the same thing to the other side of the strip of paper. This paper is going to be glued down to hold your envelopes inside. It should look like this (this one isn't glued down yet.) I adhered it inside to the middle 3 1/2" section. (again eyeballing where I thought it should go)

(Please ignore the double score lines in the photo. I initially scored on the wrong line and didn't want to waste card stock making another example.)

I flipped my Ultimate Tool over to the envelope making side and made 3 envelopes. I started with a square piece of paper and scored it on all 4 sides making sure that my score lines crossed over one another.

Then I cut a triangle of paper off where the lines cross. As you can see in the photo, I curved the edges on the top flap. (the one on the bottom in the photo) It just makes for a prettier finished envelope. Next you just fold in the two side pieces and glue them together. Then you fold up the bottom bit and adhere it to the two pieces you just glued.

The Ultimate Tool has several dry emboss designs on it and a few are specifically for using on envelope flaps. I lined up inside of the top flap of my envelopes over the design I wanted to use and then embossed.

Here is what it looked like after I was done. I could have used the heart design but I thought the design I picked looked a bit like the pattern in my patterned paper.

All that was left to do was embellish the base inside and out. I picked complementary patterned paper and card stock and covered all the panels. This strengthens the project and makes it prettier!! lol

I pulled some ribbon from my stash and glued it down on the middle of the back panel then I adhered my patterned paper over it. I pulled it over the top of the "box" and glued it down to the front of the base and again added the patterned paper over it. You can now pull the ribbon around to the bottom of the front and tie it together in a bow. This will hold your "box" together.

I finished it off by cutting some hearts out of patterned paper and gluing then on the front and inside. I pulled out my Humphrey's Corner stamp set - Chocolate Box and stamped out the sentiment on white card stock. I trimmed it to fit into the metal frame, glued it to the back of the frame and used brads to attach it to the card.
And there you have it....all done. It is cute in person and would be a fun little present to give especially if you filled those envelopes with goodies!! lol

I hope you are inspired to pull out your Ultimate Tool and make something fun!! And if you don't have an Ultimate Tool of your own, hop on over to the Crafter's Companion Store and pick one up!!

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My wifi is still down so Georgia and I are sitting at Starbucks.  She is being good since I have her watching Caillou on my Kindle Fire and eating a brownie!!  Her show is almost over so I need to type faster!!! LOL   

Want to see one last thing??  Here is a photo of G and I being silly today.   More tomorrow.


  1. Wow! Your project is seriously awesome!! I have this tool and I need to bust it out!! I need another counter to use it on! It is such a great design and the embossing is fabby!

    Do they know you on a first name basis at Starbucks yet?? LOL! I hope your internet will be up soon! Cute pic! It looks like you guys are having a great time!

  2. LOVE The with love project!!!!!!!!!!! And, what a darling photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Your project is absolutely amazing!! Love the cute picture of you and G!!