Thursday, April 11, 2013

Interesting Statistics

Just an FYI to all my fellow paper crafters!!!

My friend, Brandi, found these statistics on a website called My Creative Memory... and I thought I would share them with you.  They are VERY interesting!!!!

Did you know that scrapbooking is "happening" in over 35% of households across America, making it more popular than golf?!?! That's right!!! It's a BOOMING industry with NO signs of slowing up!!!

PMA Marketing Research Analyst
 And here are some other facts:

~ Did you know the average scrapbooker in the U.S. is between the ages of 25-34 years old?!?
~ How about that scrapbookers spend an average of $4 BILLION dollars a year on supplies?!?
~ At least 29% of households have tried scrapbooking.
~ Homes with children under the age of six were 80% above average on their scrapbooking activities.
What do you think about that??


  1. very interesting..... guess that leaves me out....

  2. Statistics # 1... I am older than that
    Statistics # 2... I do spend a good chunk of my income on supplies
    Statistics # 3... I have tried scrapbooking but I do not scrapbook
    Statistics #4...My kids are older than that and I would for sure not had a spare second to craft when they were under 6!

    Sooo I went shopping today!! Whoot Whoot I am seriously so tired I feel like I need to sleep for like a month! I had a great time. Bought lots of pearls, stickles, and adorable masonry jar die cut. 2 6x6 paper pads and some misc things. I hope to do a haul video if one of my kids will hold my phone while I video! Hope you have a great crafting weekend! We are in the 2 week countdown to the canyon! Eek! I need to really start preparing for the trip. I also need to make all my dt project due while I am gone!
    chat soon!