Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kids Inspired

It is Wednesday already! Can you believe it? It is a nice hot day here in Las Vegas.

Last night as I was making my bookmark for Fia's SGOTM challenge #3 at Sketches4you, my 3 older kids became inspired to scrap. They each made a bookmark and my 10 year old son, Jesse, decided he wanted to make his first layout!

Fia's challenge is to make a bookmark, use orange and green, stamp on it, use a ribbon and it has to have a book title, author or magazine name on it. Mine is the one with the quote from Harper Lee who wrote To Kill A Mockingbird.

The kids did all their own scrapping...I actually left the room and went and watched tv. I am so proud of their creations!! And I am happy that they wanted to do it.

Quinn's bookmark is the one with Mary Pope Osborne on it. Olivia's is the one with her name on it (she is referencing a paper she wrote) and Jesse's is the one with his name on it (he is also referencing a paper he wrote).
Jesse made the Water Park Fun layout using 2 different colors of blue paper because they reminded him of water. He used 3 pictures of his little sister from a waterpark trip and he stamped on it and added flowers.
He was so proud of himself when he brought it to me and showed me and he is eager to make another...
I'm a proud momma!!


  1. I love it!!!!!! Tell the kids I said awesome job! Jesse rocked that layout :) So awesome that they scrap w/ you :))))))

  2. I love that your kids wanted to make a bookmark! AS a librarian, that makes me really smile! Great job kiddos and you, too, STacy!

  3. Such great pieces of ART... It is soooo fun letting the kids get their creativity out...

  4. On the bookmarks...can anyone tell who is my lefty???

  5. oh these are wonderful bookmarks,you children,did tell them well done from me,love seeing what children,create,love cherylx

  6. Ummm...lefty...Olivia? LOL Lovely job, kiddos! (And you too, Stacy!)

  7. I love the bookmarks, I'm glad they are having fun with a craft that you love. Tell them they can make one for me.