Friday, August 20, 2010

Lala's i-rock giveaway!

Okay everyone,

I made it to Oklahoma and spent the day moving someone...

The car I am driving has no air conditioner working in it and it is 100+ degree F here!! Super hot day - I thought I was going to melt! lol

I drove here in my RV and it is a little cumbersome to drive around so I am borrowing the hot car! lol

I am too tired today to scrap but wanted to let you know that my friend, Denise-
is having an i-rock giveaway on her blog.

The funny thing is that I saw the i-rock at the store and rushed and bought it for her (and me) and then popped it in the mail....but since it is my birthday this coming week she saw it at her store and bought me an i-rock and then came to visit and realized that she now had extra i-rocks! lol (great minds and all

So, one of you guys could score an i-rock from our eagerness!!

I LOVE mine and I am sure you would love it too. Go check her blog out anyway...she rocks it everyday!!

More scrapping tomorrow...


  1. What the heck is an "i-rock"???? Clue me in! :)

  2. Marlene!! How can you not know what an irock is?! It's the coolest tool!!! It heat melt their gems onto the paper. They never move. And the price of their rhinestones and gems so much cheaper than buying them w/ adhesive backs. Trust me, you'll love. Stacy, it's scary how much alike we are, LOL!

  3. Oh My! I just recently told my DH to get me one for Christmas. So I am in! Have a great weekend!

  4. Jus tfound out about this tool love it. Its awsome. cant find it around here where I live.TFS!