Thursday, February 7, 2019

LOAD219 Day 2

Hi people!

I promised to post LOAD219 Day 2 yesterday but I forgot I had already typed up a blog post for yesterday.  Sorry!  Here is LOAD219 Day 2.

This photo is very poorly edited and cropped...sorry.  I just couldn't get it straight today.  The prompt was to either use black and white papers and a color photo or vice versa.  I used black and white photos and a colorful background.  The other prompt was to scrap something that surprised you.

I literally used scraps of paper that were on my desk to make this layout.  I'm not sure how much I love it but it will do.  I like that the colors are bright and happy which went well with the photos I chose of my kids being silly.  

I'm typing this up a few days earlier than it is going live and I'm sitting here waiting for 2 more hours for LOAD219 Day 3 to be emailed to me.  Can't wait!!

I hope you liked this layout I made and that you come back tomorrow for another blog post from me!

Until next time...happy scrapping!


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