Thursday, October 14, 2010

Marlene has Candy!!

Hello everyone,
Why are you here instead of at Marlene's blog reading all of her snarkiness and looking at her wonderful art?!!
Marlene is one of the funniest woman out there writing a blog today and she is a wonderful artist too. Her blog is not to be missed!
And if her awesomeness isn't enough....she is giving away CANDY!! You all should rush over to sign up to follow her and then you will definitely want to follow her. She is the best!
And she is sweet too. See this card pinned up on the wall by my desk??!! She made this Zombie card which is hysterical and posted it on her blog.
I looked at it and couldn't stop laughing. I commented (as you all should be doing, because that is what bloggers live and told her how much I loved it and that she needed to send it to me so I could pin it up on my wall and look at it and laugh.....
And what did she do??!! She sent it to me!
So here it is pinned to my wall and I am smiling just typing about it. So see what good karma she is sending out??
You should look at her card in the second picture up close. It is not only funny but really gorgeous in person.
Anyway, go check her out. You will be happy you did. And you might even win some candy!


  1. Hihihi, this card really makes me giggle! Love a card with humor.
    Greetz, Frea

  2. TFS! I see my tree card on your wall, too! That's fun! :-)

  3. oops and my birdie card on your desk... :-)

  4. You're so sweet! Thanks for the shout out. I've been inundated with entries for the blog candy this morning, thanks to you. :)

    Glad you're enjoying your zombie was one of my hubby's favorites, too!

  5. this is cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool :))