Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lunch Bag Mini Book Tutorial

First I want to say hi! And I want to show you this sweet card that my ds made for a friend of his. He was invited to her birthday party and this is the card he came up with!! Isn't it adorable! You just know she is going to love it.

I was kind of proud of him for making it for her. His brother made one for her too and I would show it to you but he had it all taped shut so I didn't see it before he went to the party. I'm proud of him for making her a card too. They are actually still at the birthday party. It started out as a bowling party and then they went back to her house for a cookout. The girls are staying and spending the night but the boys will be going home soon. I'm sure they are having a blast.

I made a layout today but I will show it to you another day because I want to share a tutorial I made for making a paper lunch sack mini book. I'm all for saving money when I can and this is super economical. You probably already have the paper sacks in your pantry! Let me share how to make it.

1st - Stack the paper lunch bags on top of one another. Just make sure the middle sack is going the opposite direction.

2nd - Next you need to clip them together. You can use whatever you have at hand that works. I used some paper clips and a chip clip that was handy. I measure the bags lengthwise and drew a pencil line down the center.

3rd - There are many ways you can attach the bags together. You can staple them, you can use punch holes and reinforce the holes with eyelets and tie them together with ribbon. You are only limited by your imagination. I like to sew them together. I just sew down the pencil line and then I erase the pencil marks.

4th - Now you are ready to embellish! So fast and easy. This a such a great "kid" project. Mine love to make these!

Here is the one I made using the new S.W.A.L.K. stamps that are launching next week. I'm having such fun playing with them! They will be available in the Crafter's Companion Store on Thursday. You should go check them out.

I used a paper kit I had from Sassafras - Ellie's Tale. It really makes it easy to throw together a mini book when you use a kit of already matched papers and embellies.

I am ending here because my son just called and I need to go pick him up from the party. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. I was wondering where you have been! I posted my fairy over at Crafters Companion! Your son's card is so sweet! I am sure she just loved it. Great paper bag mini, I make these quite often I love how I can use up my scraps and add fun embellishments to each page! You used some really great paper!

  2. What a sweet & special card he made for his friend!!
    Sounds like a really fun party!!
    Love the tutorial on the mini album!!
    Your mini album is so pretty!
    You rocked that mini!!

  3. oh that is one super sweet card hun sure he loved it and as for the album that is super love all the papers you have used and one super tutorial too,hugs cherylxxxx

  4. Hi Stacy, Mr Blogger is messing with me again; he threw away my comment for you grrrr!!! So here it is again because I just love that lunchbag project you made. That book looks great!! Here in the Netherlands the kids take plastic containers to school with their lunches in. And you son is quite romantic, he's gonna win over all the girls this way LOL!! Hugs, Frea

  5. You know. I think your son is a budding artist!!! Tell him: "Great job! from Kelly" Anyway, I think your paper bag album is cute!!! :-)

  6. What a super sweet card.
    Love the tutorial on the lunch-bag-mini-book.

    Hugs, Chantal S