Monday, December 13, 2010

Good Grief!

Woke up today with Pink Eye!! (conjunctivitis in my right eye) Good grief! I'm falling apart! LOL Ended up going to 2 doctors today instead of only one.

I got my hysterectomy all scheduled for January....woo hoo I really liked the doctor I went to and am glad she is doing it for me. She does robotic hysterectomies. They are supposed to be less invasive with quicker recovery times. Cross your fingers for me! I need to get back up and running quickly with 5 kids.

One of my dogs had to go to the veterinarian on Saturday. She has hurt her paw and has an infection in her eyes and on her back....good grief She is almost as bad off as me!! LOL We got her on medication and wrapped her paw and she is already doing much much better.

Found out on Sunday that my van has a problem with the front end and I can't safely drive it to Oklahoma this week and can't get it fixed in time.

So now the back up plan is to drive our RV instead. That is actually okay with me. I can fit everything in it and get all my presents back home. And since I have been worrying about where to put the bird when we stop to go to the bathroom on our road he can just hang out in the bathroom in the RV with the door closed. (we have dogs and they bark and run around inside the car when we get out) (and my boys are too young to hang out in the car without me).

So we are still leaving to drive to Oklahoma on Wednesday. I have SO much to do in the next two days! I'm pretty sure I won't be scrapping until I go to Oklahoma. I plan to take some stuff and farm out my kids to their grandparents and SCRAP! lol

Sketches4you is having a party in January called Bling on 2011! There will be challenges and prizes so let's start out the new year fresh and blingy!!
***Update*** You won't believe this (or maybe you will) but I now have it in the other eye too!! OMG!
***2nd Update***2 kids now have pink eye in both eyes and one has an upper respiratory infection and feels terrible....sigh... One of the pink eye kids is going with me in the car to Oklahoma tomorrow. The other kids will be going to the doctor tomorrow. Wish us all luck!


  1. You poor, poor thing it seems it doesn't rain but it pours for you this past couple of weeks. Hope you and the puppy get better soon and that you have a fantastic trip to Oklahoma.

  2. My goodness Stacy, you sure have had quite the last couple of months. Rest up and take care of yourself. Have a fun and safe trip!

  3. Feel better and have a safe trip. Merry Christmas.

  4. Dang girl! Ouch! Take care of yourself! I Had a hysterectomy a few years bak and it was the best thing I ever did - I have five kiddos too so I know what you mean!

  5. * Merry Christmas
    Feel better and have a safe trip.*

  6. Merry Christmas...and let's hope none of the kids catch it!

  7. Oh my Stacy, it looks terrible! Does it hurt? HOpe it gets better soon, it will look awful on any Christmas pictures LOL! Anyway, I haven't had time to make pictures of my quilts, I'm so busy with my mother in law in hospital and preparations for Christmas. So hang in there, I will post them. Greetz, Frea

  8. I hate to say it and it isn't my favorite word but sometimes doesn't it just suck being us. heheh. I know just what you mean about waking up and looking in the mirror only to discover that life just ruined your day. I am so sorry for you but remember that it is very contagious and you need to be careful when handling your children.
    Thank you for your recent visit to my blog and I hope you will come often.
    have a safe trip to Oklahoma. Never been there myself being a west coast lady.

  9. OMG, girl! You are a mess! :-) I hope things clear up before Christmas! Best wishes for a great holiday season! Safe travels!

  10. As I said are falling apart.... Don't try to leave that eye crap here when you go You can imagine what your Dad is saying........and I think he threw in a grump or two........grin

  11. Oh my are a wreck!!

    Feel better soon, hon. Pink eye is nasty....and my eyes hurt just looking at that photo!

    Safe travels!

  12. I hope you and your family are all feeling better soon. :o(

    Drive safely!

  13. OH Stacy ,hope you gonna feel better soon.have a safe trip...and Merry Christmas!

  14. Just now reading your post. "Aww, man!" comes to mind. Here's hoping that everyone gets well as quickly and smoothly as possible. Eye drops are rarely easy with little ones... or big ones like me so I'm rooting for all of you.