Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Survived!

Well.....I survived. I know you were all waiting with baited breathe to see if I did! ha Everything "came out" alright. (ha) Nothing bad to report.

My doctor now wants me to have an oral endoscopy (swallow a camera pill) so he can look at my lower intestine. So I will do that in January since I am going out of town for Christmas and leave next Wednesday.

You know, really, my colonoscapy was no big deal...there was no embarrassment, no stress and no pain. I'm not even sore at all today. I was only a little tired yesterday from the anesthesia. So if you have one scheduled don't fret.

I got two sweet cards in the mail today from Cheryl in the UK. Thank you Cheryl!!!

She was one of the winners of my last TH Giveaway. One of the cards she sent is a beautiful thank you card with a gorgeous hummingbird on it and the other fab card is the tiniest little retro Christmas card that came in such a lovely little envelope with a key hanging off it.

They were so adorable I had to share them with you!! What do you think?? Aren't they the sweetest??!! You should check out her blog and see all the other goodies she makes. She is just a sweetheart!

I also want to share a couple of tags that my son, Quinn, made. They are so cute!! I think he did a great job on them. That's him in the moustache! lol

How is your weekend going so far? Ready for Christmas (if you celebrate it)?

If you do celebrate a holiday at this time of the year...what do you celebrate and do you have a special tradition??

I would love to learn more from you all. Hope your Saturday is awesome!


  1. They are cute little cards! And your son's tags are very artistic! I love it when the kids get creative! They just enjoy the whole process.
    Thanks for sharing! :o)
    (And glad your test went OK!)

  2. Very cute tags. Your Quinnis cute. I have a grandson named Quinn and that was also my uncle's name.

    Not sure why you had to have the tests. I have had all of those a few times. I have finally been diagnosed with Celiac. Good luck.

  3. Quinner, your tags are great. When are you going to make something for me??? xoxoxo

  4. Great tags, very sweet! During the holiday season I love to eat candy without feeling guilty! Marshmallow Santas, Chocolate covered cherries... Yummy!

  5. Our tradition is to eat Sheperd's Pie at Christmas-time to keep it simple and more to the meaning of real Christmas!
    Quinn's stache is cool! Love his cards, too!
    And, the cards from Cheryl are pretty! TFS!

  6. oh hun so glad they arrived safely and gosh they arrived quickly too,your sons tags are awesome hun,he certainly has talent like his mum bless his heart,so glad you are okay hun,you take it easy and have a wonderful xmas with your family bless you hun love hugs cheryl xxxxxxxx

  7. The tags are adorable!! Way to go Quinn!!

  8. Great tags, Quinn!

    Today starts one of our many traditions, my mother's annual ornament swap party. My father's side of the family all come to their house (and that's a lot of them, as he has 7 brothers and sisters and all of their kids and kids' kids...) and we exchange ornaments, Yankee swap style. It's fun, and it's kind of turned into a "ugliest ornament you can find" swap. My husband chose an ugly little glass pig he found while we were Christmas shopping last night LOL. Lots of parties, filling up my calendar each weekend leading to Christmas, and lots of presents for all the kiddies :)

  9. So glad your tests have gone well Stacey - enjoy your holiday! Very pretty projects!