Sunday, August 12, 2012

Birthday Week

This last week Crafter's Companion celebrated their 5th birthday.  I whipped up a little gift box with a triangle aperture to help celebrate!! My Mother-In-Law celebrated her birthday yesterday and I gave her this box filled with chocolates and a gift card. She loved it!!  With birthdays to celebrate this week it seemed only fitting to stick with the birthday theme right??

One of the greatest things you can do with the Ultimate Tool is make boxes of all different sizes with total ease. What I did was pull out two pieces of 12" x 12" paper and my Ultimate Tool. I folded the Ultimate Tool open to the box making board and started making the base of the box.

I butted up paper that I planned to use for the box base up to the box base side of the board. I then scored across all four sides of the 12" x 12" paper on the 5th line.

Next I turned the Ultimate Tool to the Box lid side of the board and did the same thing with the other piece of 12" x 12" paper.

I marked the triangle with pencil to help it be seen better.

To make the triangle aperture work on the back of the paper. (inside of box) I lined up the scored line on the side I wanted the triangle opening to be on and scored on line 6 lightly. I turned it and did the same thing to make the second leg of the triangle. Then I used my ruler to lightly score and connect the two score lines. 

Poke a hole inside the triangle you have scored and cut toward two of the corners. You can fold along the score line and this will make it easier to cut out.

After cutting out the triangle aperture, trim a piece of acetate to fit over the triangle. Then run a line of double sided tape along the edges of the triangle and press the acetate down on top.

Now it is time to turn these pieces of paper into a box and a lid. In each corner, you will need to cut along the score line until you reach the crossing score line and cut out a "V". Fold and burnish each score line. Flip the paper over and put adhesive on the tabs in the corners. Form into a box and press the adhesive to the sides firmly. TOP TIP: if you use wet glue you can hold the sides together using paper clips until the glue sets.

Repeat this same procedure for the top of the box being careful when working around the aperture. When complete these two should fit together perfectly. Now it is time to decorate!!

I think one of my absolute favorite stamps is from the most recent Humphrey collection. It is the absolutely precious Make A Wish set. That Lottie is really just so adorable on that set. I just had to use her for this project. So I stamped the image out and colored it with my Spectrum Noir markers. Then I fussy cut it out. I pulled out bling from my stash and glued it down around the triangle aperture and around the edges of the top of the box. I wanted a little extra sparkle.

I used double sided adhesive squares to pop my colored image up and adhered her to the top of my box. I stamped out my sentiment and matted it on green card stock. I adhered it to the inside of the lid in the aperture. Now it is ready to fill the box with some fun goodies!!

What do you think? Ready to pull out that Ultimate Tool??!! lol .

I'm getting ready to drive back home to Nevada.  Our vacation in Oklahoma has come to an end for me and my two older boys.  My hubby and the rest of the kids will follow next Saturday.  It has been a fun visit  but it is time to go home and get ready to go back to school.  And speaking of going back to school, I took the kids to get haircuts to get them ready for school. 
Mohawks!  Yikes!
Look at her new cute short hair!!
Here's a nice side view.

I don't have photos of the other two yet.  They are visiting grandparents.  Okay, just thought I would share.  Talk to you in a couple of days.


  1. This is such a sweet box! Love the peek window! Your good look adorable! Ready to get home?? I don't know if I could be gone that long from home. We have a full week of school under our belt. Hard to believe that we survived it! The routine is slowly getting back into place which has allowed me just a little crafting time while they are getting ready for bed. We have hit the highest temperatures ever recorded in Arizona History! 118! Yikes I have not run in 5 days! It is not even cool when it is dark! Supposed to come back down to the lower 100s this week. I'm looking forward to hitting the pavement again! When do you guys go back to school?

  2. Sweet box! Also, you are such a nice momma to allow the mohawks... :-)