Friday, January 11, 2013

Georgia's Surgery Report

Georgia made it through her eye surgery yesterday and things went well.  She had surgery for almost 3 hours.  She had a rough time coming out of it and couldn't keep anything down until after 9pm.  She slept propped up on the couch and I slept next to her.  She woke me up around 3am and wouldn't go back to sleep until about 5:30am.  I had to get up at  6:15am and get the other kids ready for school.
Georgia Pre-Op
I took her back to the doctor today for a check up and the doctor was thrilled with her progress so far.  She is already watching TV, playing on my ipad and bopped into the doctors office all cheerful and happy.  They love her over there!

We were blessed that things went well and now we just have to struggle through putting in "the dreaded eye drops".  She has to have eye drops 4 times a day and just has a screaming, crying fit every time.  It is a tiny bit better but not much.  Her eyes are blood red and might stay that way for up to 2 months.  Her tears were red yesterday. 
At lunch today with Daddy.  Put on her "shades" before we left.
Photo I just took before I started to write this. (not bad right?)
Here I had her open her eyes really big.  Her eyes will look cross eyed for about 4-6 weeks and then work into an aligned position.

Today she is back to almost her old self.  We even ate out at lunch with Daddy after the doctor visit and she had her favorite food...beans.  (Mexican restaurant)

Thanks for the well wishes.

I'm hoping to get to scrap this weekend and I will share when I do.  Tomorrow is lacrosse though.  My daughter has two games.

And my mother in law bought a house yesterday (Woot!) and got her keys today.  So we celebrated with her tonight. And plan to go over tomorrow when we get back from the games.  So scrapping will probably be on Sunday.

I hope you are having a great weekend! 


  1. Wishing good health to the little lady!
    She's a brave and strong woman! =) Hoping everything will be ok with her =)

  2. Busy life you have! And little Georgia is a trooper! Keep it no-nonsense and she will respond in kind. It might help her to count-down the number of times she has to get the drops...
    Still enjoying the Spectrum Noir pens I won last summer, and love stopping by your blog.

  3. what a rough time you've all had! xoxo to Georgia and hugs to you!

  4. Oh my goodness the little sweetie! Give her a big hug and tell her how proud we are of her. Hugs to you also mom -the red tears would break my heart.
    She is adorable as can be

  5. I'm so happy to hear that little Georgia is feeling better today. Bless her heart, her eyes are still really red. At least she's better today and can see TV and play on the iPad!! Give her a hug from me. :)

  6. Poor little thing!! She is looking really good for such a big surgery! Send her our best wishes!! Carri~Abusybee

  7. So sorry she had to go and have eye surgery hopeully she wont have to have any more.
    poor thing that looks like her eyes would hurt with being so red.
    Glad she is doing better.
    Hugs & prayers that she has a quick recovery!