Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wine and Palette

Happy Wednesday!

Before I left for Oklahoma I signed my mother and my friend and I up for a painting class.  When I was in Oklahoma last (before Xmas) my mom and I went to eat at a local restaurant and when we walked in I noticed a room full of people painting.  We asked about it and we both said that it looked like fun.  Then we ate our dinner and left and promptly forgot about it. 
Mom and Keun before class started
Here is the painting we came to try to learn to paint. (our class example)

Then a while later after I went back home to Nevada I was on Facebook and saw that a friend of mine had posted a photo of herself and another girl painting at a restaurant.  I commented and said that it looked like so much fun and she shot me back the link to the site - Wine and Palette. 
Here is my painting in progress (notice the nice margarita :-) )

They set up in different restaurants around the city and you can go online to their website and find a painting you are interested in trying to paint and sign up to go and paint it.  I decided we needed to do it so I signed up myself, my mom and my friend, Keun.  On December 28th, we drove to Guthrie to Gages Steak House and they had about 30 canvases set up with paint and brushes.  We ordered what we wanted to drink (and/or eat) and then the instructor got us started on our painting.  She took us through it step by step and if we had problems she or one of her assistants would come around and help us figure things out.
Mom and Keun painting their paintings

Here is Mom next to her almost finished painting and you can kind of see Keun's painting next to her.

Here is MY painting.  

It was a blast!!  We all had so much fun and I know that we would do it again in a heart beat.  After we finished up (class took 3 hours) my Mom, Keun and I ate at the restaurant.  It was just the perfect end to the night.  My hubby was out of town working so my brother watched over the kids for me.

Mom and Keun at dinner
Crazy Keun and I 

Have you ever done something like this??  Share.

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  1. Well, I've made baskets but never paintings! Sounds like a blast!!! Glad you had fun! (another addiction???)