Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back to School

Terrific Tuesday to you all!!

My kids went back to school today (yeah!!) (lol) I must say I was so happy to see the bus go with all 5 of the little monsters...um...I mean sweethearts...on it!! ha

I was ready for some rest and relaxation for my 2 1/2 hours of freedom....well.....not so much....

My hubby emailed me that our realtor wanted to show the house at 1pm TODAY and well do you remember how I mentioned that I had to keep my kids in all weekend because of allergies..... MY HOUSE WAS A PIT!

I spent my rest and relaxation time running around like a crazy woman cleaning and cleaning and cleaning! LMAO!

And then just as I was almost done....the bus rolls up with my 3 year old home from school.....sigh.... (goodbye rest and relaxation! lol)
AND my electrician was supposed to show back up today (remember that story from yesterday??)...welllllll he never showed and he never called....boooooooo

AND guess what??!! That dang realtor never showed up either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (or called) boooooooooooooooo

But guess what else?? I now have a sparkly clean house (for a little while anyway! ha) I guess I was just meant to clean my house today instead of laze around!!

I obviously did not get to scrap anything (yet) today but lucky for you I was a scrapping fiend this last weekend.

Here is a super de dooper cute (even if I do say so myself) two page layout of my kids and hubby at Christmas. This was from a Scrapbookfunaddicts kit by Terri Zaelit (I think it is by Terri, my other Christmas kit is designed by Terri) which was sooooooo adorable that I couldn't pass it up at CKC in Seattle. I actually did most of the two pages at the evening crop while I was there but it was just lingering in my to do pile.

But not anymore now you get to see how it turned out.

I always get my kids matching pjs and take their picture in front of the tree Christmas Eve....(you should try this some time...the part I mean is getting 5 kids to all look at you and smile sweetly AT THE SAME TIME) ha

My hubby also always reads them The Night Before Christmas while they drink egg nog and eat some of the cookies we make to give Santa (well obviously not the actual ones for Santa but the extra cookies!! ha)

You can tell if you look closely at the pictures that it is a total challenge to get any good pictures (and these are the best of the 30 or so I took).

But isn't that reindeer FAB!! I love the ornaments hanging from his antlers even though those hooks were a booger to get on there right.
Please notice the hilarious close up of my youngest son's smile (?)(grimace?). This is his new "go to" look when you say, "smile". LOL

And the cutest title work made from the Christmas light bulbs. (talk about a booger...that wire was such a paint to get "just right". ha)
And I love that sweet little tree on the 2nd page of the layout.
I bought two more kits from them while I was at CKC. One is another Christmas one and one is a dog layout. So you have those to look forward to seeing in the future.
Okay, I need to go fix dinner for the family....well finish making dinner for the family....beef stroganoff...yummy...
See you tomorrow.


  1. Great lay-out! I have been under the weather so I have not been crafting :(

  2. David and I were dying out loud laughing at Riley's "smile".... Going to show to Dad tomorrow.
    I really do like the layout, just a great one for Christmas pictures. xoxox

  3. What a beautiful and adorable two pager!!
    Love the deer so adorable!!
    How fun matching Pjs!!
    Dd and I have matching aprons this year which has been fun! I need to find some matching PJ its hard for me to find some thats the same for her too?!
    Any suggestions?
    Have a great day!!

  4. Oh what a stunning 2 pager alright,and how awful the irresponsibility, how did you like the transformation of that moustache. I love your blog, it is so reality.....Melxx

  5. Such a cool Christmas page. Love all the picture you chose for it. Glad your house is sparkly clean. Too bad no one came by to admire it!

  6. Super cute two pager! TFS! :-)

  7. Oh my gosh - that is the cutest layout ever!!!

    Love a clean sparkly house, though I'd be tempted to give that realtor a kick in the arse for not at least calling!