Monday, June 13, 2011

Crazy Busy Week!

I am sorry to not have been posting but it has just been crazy busy this week. It was the last week of school for the kids (well of regular school anyway). We had end of school parties, award ceremonies, graduations and then this weekend my sister came in town to visit and some friends were in town visiting too.

I did try to post on Sunday but blogger wouldn't upload photos for me. But luckily it is currently working so cross your fingers that I get his finished and posted soon.

First I want to share a layout that my son, Quinn made. He was able to be Principal for 30 minutes and was so excited about it that he rushed home and scrapped about it.

I think he did a fabulous job! But I am biased!! lol What do you think?? Leave him some love....(please) You know he is going to want to read your comments.

Now to the photos, there is a picture of my 3 year old at her end of school party with her teacher. Next is a photo of my 5 year old during his end of school program. They were singing and marching around the room and I think this photo is so cool with the background all blurry and him super clear.

My two older boys graduated from 5th grade and they had a big graduation ceremony. This is a photo from after the ceremony. They were so happy and proud.

The final kid photo is my dd after her award ceremony. She was on the A/B honor roll and also got the Principals award!! WOO HOO!!

We went bowling after school on the last day. They all had a great time. We met up with other students.

The next day I took them to a pool party. We stayed all afternoon and they really had fun. Saturday we spent the day in our pool and then my sister and I went out to dinner with friends of mine that were in town visiting. We went out to dinner at RM Seafood. It was an awesome dinner!! So much fun!! We had 7 courses with wine pairings and they gave us 3 extra "bites". We started with an oyster bite, then they brought a rabbit bite, then the first course was octopus, I can't remember everything but we also had scallops, lamb and a yummy cheesecake with bubblegum sorbet! Sounds crazy but it was all really delicious.

The best part was that it didn't cost us a penny!! One of my friends had won the dinner for 6! Wasn't he a sweetie!?

Sunday everyone came over to our house for a cookout and pool party. A few got sunburned but we all had an enjoyable day.

See what I mean about being crazy busy?!!

I took my sister to the airport this morning and then my husband and 3 year old in the afternoon. So I am home with just 4 kids now. My 5 year old has Extended School Year so he is still going to school during the day.

I have a another busy week planned with friends coming in town on Thursday so hopefully I can get some scrapping done tonight. I will try to post a bit more frequently this week. Thanks for being patient.

And thanks for stopping by.


  1. Congrats on becoming Principal for 30 minutes, Quinn!

    Congrats to your sweet daughter, too!

  2. WoW! Quinn did such an amazing job on his lay-out! I am super impressed, and how cool is it to be principal for half an hour?? Super!

    Great photos, sounds like you are so busy but wow with some really exciting stuff, pool parties, dinner on the house, life is good!

  3. Wow, Super Busy! Congrats to Your kids on their achievements. Your Son did an amazing job on his Layout!

  4. Such a wonderful LO! ~ Blessings

  5. Quinn, love your LO anmd congrats!!
    WOW! Stacy you have been busy!!
    Hope this week will be a slower week for you!

  6. Oh wow, I love to hear about the pool party but cringe as I think of us here freezing with 9 degree temps, we are dead opposites with the weather and geography. I love the layout, how talented is Quinn, I wonder if this is a layout you will bring out in the future when he becomes a Headmaster himself....never know. Love seeing all your childrens milestones, they are always so happy, and you are a great mum. Melxx

  7. van harte gefeliciteerd en wat een leuke foto''s heb je geplaatst
    groetjes van corry

  8. what a fab l/o your little guy did. It's fab!!!
    You'll be meeting yourself on the return journey sweetie you've been so busy lol
    Anne x

  9. Wow, YOU are a SuperMom, Stacy! Congrats to your Kids! Wonderful layout!

  10. No need to apologize, I think a lot of us are on the same boat. These couple weeks have been super busy! I'm a pre-k teacher and I go to school too.

    Your son did a fantastic job with the LO! I love all the embellishments he used, especially the rhinestones.

    I love his excitement about scrapping important moments in his life. Do you have a photo printer? that's one thing I still need. It's hard to wait for the pictures. The excitement sometimes fades by the time you get them :(

    Anyway, hope everything will calm down soon and we can really start enjoying summer break!

  11. if you can believe it, my kids are still in school! loved all the smiling faces-so glad when we are there with our hot little cameras and they still want us to take their picture! I remember when my daughter rec'd the Principal's Award; it is a BIG sure had a proud week!

  12. Truthfully, I don't see how you find time to do as much blogging/scrapping as you do! You must have tons of energy! :-) Love Quinn's page--and that he was principal for 30 minutes!! TFS your kids' stories! I'm so behind catching up with blogs!!! Sorry it took me so long to comment!