Sunday, July 24, 2011

Going Into Withdrawl!

I'm dying here in Oklahoma without Internet service! It has really shown me how addicted I am to being on the computer. I am going to hurry and write this post because I'm worried I will lose access at any minute. (well, I lost the Internet connection and I am sitting over at my mom's house right now trying to upload this. It has been about 5 days since I wrote it)

Well.....has anyone been missing me?? ha I'm sure you can't have been missing me as much as I have been missing all of you.

I have been working on the kitchen cabinets here where I am at. My brother and I have taken the doors and hardware off and sanded them. We are going to start painting them tomorrow. Just trying to freshen up the kitchen. I will post a photo of it afterwards for your viewing pleasure so you can ewww and ahhhhh. And tell me how awesome I am! LOL (jk)

It is a ton of work!

I FINALLY got my two smallest children brought to me from Nevada yesterday. I really can't tell you how terribly much I was missing them. Georgia finally got her pin pulled out of her broken finger and is doing better but still is healing and has to wear a splint for at least a couple more weeks.

I did do a little scrapping. I made two cards and 1 layout. And I posted 3 new challenges at Sketches4all. So go check them out and join in if you get a chance.

These cards are Christmas cards that I made for my card sketch challenge at S4A. I used a cute Pagemaps sketch and after I finished one card I decided to just use the scraps and make a second one.

The layout is from my S4A Stash Sketch challenge. I used another Pagemaps sketch and a cute photo from my dd's field trip to Mt. Charleston.

You can still go to Sketches4all and join in on these challenges there is still time to win.

I will end with a photo of my cute little Trixie dog. No reason for posting it except that she is so cute!! (I think so anyway)

Leave me a comment. I am coming back over here to my mom's tomorrow and I will try to get caught up on my postings and reading your posts.


  1. That is the sweetest looking dog. And I'm glad to hear her finger is healing nicely.

  2. WoW! You have been super busy! Glad to hear your little one is doing better!

    We are counting down the days! Yup only 11 days left until we are back at school! I think we are ready... Well I know I am ready!
    So my computer has been shutting off, turning blue, making this awful running noise and I am so afraid that I will be without a computer, I think I will seriously just DIE!
    I have already warned Husband, this can go one of two ways... I'm sure he wants happy Wife and not ***** Wife LOL!
    Safe travels! :)


  3. hallo stacy
    wst heb je weer een prachtige kaarten gemaakt,helemaal geweldig mooi!
    fijn voor je dat de kinderen weer thuis zijn en het beter met je dochters vinger gaat en je hond je een snoeppie,zelf heb ik 4 hondjes lopen 3 malthezers en een schotse terrier en dat zijn ook net mijn kindjes:-))
    groetjes van corry

  4. Just heard a report saying doing with out our electronic devices is like going thru drug withdrawals, I'm sure I'd go a little nuts. Hope your Internet will be up and running soon. Lovely cards and LO. You dog wins the show today though.
    Blessings Bernie

  5. Yeah! I've been wondering where you've been! I'm glad to hear that your daughter is doing better, and got that pin out. Can't wait to see the remodel. Didn't know you were so handy! I love your cards and LO. I haven't had the guts to cut up a picture yet, but I love the look. Hope you're enjoying your summer!

  6. oh hun this is gorgeous oh all of them and your dog hun is just the cutest ever oh love it,love hugs cheryl xxxxx

  7. So that's where you snuck off to! LOL!! I saw your comment on my blog earlier today, and laughed when I came here to read your post. Yup - I'm inside your head. LOL! Hurry up and come back!

  8. Hi sweetie, I missed you! Can totally relate to your frustration. Am here in France on holiday and though I do have Internet and my laptop, for some reason I couldn't comment. Drove me crazy but now it seems to be ok. If you want to see the castle we're staying at, check my blog for pics. Huggies, Frea

  9. Its so great to hear from you!!
    Glad you are enjoying your time at your moms!!
    Beautiful Lo and card!!