Friday, July 1, 2011

We Made It To OK

We made it to Oklahoma. Barely! We actually had another blowout on the RV! This time it was a rear inside tire. I guess when my hubby said he got all new tires on the RV he meant all new outside tires! Thank goodness for AAA. They were out there within 2 hours and had the spare put on.

Right before we left the air conditioner stopped working in the RV. The RV place in Vegas couldn't get us in until Wednesday so I decided to just go ahead to OK and get it fixed here. So needless to say we were pretty warm when stopped to spend the night in Santa Rosa.

That wasn't the only drama of the trip! Righ before we made it to Santa Rosa we drove through a bug storm! I was starting to think it was the apocolypse! lol It started out sounding like hail and then got faster and louder until the whole wind shield and front of the RV were covered with bug guts! It was the craziest thing ever. We got through it and pulled off at a gas station and cleaned off the wind shield so I could see to drive. Tons of fellow drivers did the same thing.

I have photos to share but since I don't have wifi at my house and am writing this on my Kindle book reader they will have to wait.

I plan to take my computer somewhere tomorrow to get online so I can post winners of my giveaways before we leave on Sunday for our vacation. So check back here tomorrow to find out if your name was chosen!

For those who have been following the saga of my daughters broken finger I wanted to let you know she finally got her cast put on (a purple one) and is doing fine.

More tomorrow !


  1. oh hun so glad your daughter is going okay,she is so brave bless her hope you are okay to hun hugs cheryl xxxxx

  2. Good to hear your daughter is doing fine :-)
    and that you are safe!! xx Marianne

  3. hoy stacy
    fijn dat het weer goed gaat met je dochter en geniet van je reis!
    groetjes van corry

  4. My goodness. When it rains it pours or should I say when its buggy it is buggy. Glad you made it, hope the rest of the trip goes well and that you have fun.
    Glad Georgia is better. I was worried about her.

  5. Hi Stacy.I've followed the story of your daughters broken finger....I'm glad to hear she is doing fine now.hugs Jose

  6. Interesting journey, lol! Thank goodness it all worked out ok.

  7. Oh poor Stacy! Poor Family! Glad to hear her finger is doing okay. Was wondering. Horror at first glance but will make for interesting stories later on! If you are anywhere near Norman OK give a shout out cause I have WiFi and you can access it from the street! Vickie

  8. Wow! What an eventful trip you had! I hope you have a lovely time in Oklahoma and that the return trip goes much more smoothly. Glad to hear that Georgia's finger is doing better. Have a safe trip.


  9. Glad to hear Your daughter's Finger is doing well In a Fancy Purple cast no less! Can't wait to see some pictures of the bug storm! LOL I think It would have made me nervous! Hope you have a Great Trip (:

  10. We've been travelling so I'm a little behind... sorry to hear about the flat; glad Georgia is doing better; and how freaky about the bugs but I bet the kids thought it was cool