Saturday, July 30, 2011

Missing St. Barths

I have done a bit of scrapping the last couple of days unfortunately most of it is Design Team work so I won't be showing it yet.

Everyone would really have laughed at me yesterday if they could have seen me parked in front of my mom's house in my RV frantically typing on my computer (using my mom's wifi) with my 5 kids sitting patiently waiting for me to finish. Hilarious! My mom didn't even know I was out there. It was later in the evening and I didn't want to descend on my parents with a house full of kids and me just sitting and typing on a computer. My mom eventually noticed us and came out and visited with the kids until I finished up.

I had to go over there in the RV because as I have mentioned I only have use of a pickup right now and it only holds 3 of my kids and doesn't have air conditioning. My hubby is flying today and promises to rent a mini van for me to use. I will wait and see if that happens. I was supposed to use my father in laws van but unfortunately when I drove it home it broke down and since it is a "spare" car he isn't going to get it fixed right now. (sigh) Anyway, my RV is the only vehicle that would hold us all and I had to get my Friday Fav post done for the Crafter's Companion Challenge Blog.

Has anyone been able to get any scrapping done lately?? I have noticed a slow down on most of the sites I have been checking out (when I can) this summer.

We just passed the record number of days in July with 100 degree temperatures here in Oklahoma. I wonder how long this streak will go on. It will probably end when I leave to drive back to Nevada! lol

I'm missing being on vacation (even though I guess I am technically still on vacation. ha) I miss relaxing with my friends and hubby by the pool, having happy hour with snacks and cold beers and reading books constantly on my Kindle...

I will end with a photo of my sweet old dog, Sophie. She told me she needed equal face time on my blog! LOL (jk)

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


  1. I'm sorry but when you said to picture you in the RV, all I can see is that funny picture of you in the RV with the bugs all over it. That was so funny.

  2. Fun photos! I am preparing myself for less crafting times, (Sad) Because I know I will be sitting at the kitchen table for what seems like hours trying to remember how to do 5th grade math!
    Early bedtime, early morning, lunches, snacks, what to wear! Oh the good times of back to school!


  3. It sounds like you've been having a fabulous summer, Stacy! Pssst...I love my kindle, too!

  4. Stacy... head on over to Karla's at:

    You won her blog candy! It looks like yummy stuff... congrats you sooo deserve it!

  5. Looking at your pics makes me miss St. Barts too!!! That's so funny about you sitting outside your mom's with the kids. LOL.