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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Family Reunion Mini Album

Happy Saturday! I made this mini album for my cousin for Christmas and I thought I would share it with you today.
Every year I go to our annual Christmas party/family reunion. These are my dad's relatives. (He died when I was 16)
I love that they all make an effort to get together EVERY year!! I have been going for 15 years and haven't missed once! (They started having it 15 years ago)
Anyway, we always have a "dirty Santa" present exchange. Which is the one where you bring wrapped presents and draw numbers. Each person gets to either pick a new present from the pile or steal a present that has already been opened.
Last year I made a mini album for the exchange and it was VERY popular. It was stolen the maximum times it could be stolen and then I was given orders by one of my cousins (who didn't win it) to make her one. So, I made her this one and took it to the party this year. She loved it!
When I gave it to her, her mother (my aunt) asked me why I made her one and I said, "because she asked me to". guessed it. The next thing my aunt said was, "make me one!!" So I guess I know what I will be bringing to the party next year!! lol
I totally forgot to take photos of the one I made last year (silly me!) but I made a point to photograph this one. And now you get to look at it too. I know you are thrilled!! LOL
Today I was very scrappy. I did two layouts and I am making a necklace too. Well, I'm making some charms to hang from a chain. I will share one of the layouts tomorrow and the other one you will get to see on Tuesday. Both are for DT's. And they both are so totally different!! It is like two separate people scrapped them. ha
We are still having nice weather here in Las Vegas although it was pretty windy today. How's your weather? Did you get to be scrappy today? Have you made your CCC project yet??!! lol (jk)(well..sort
Okay, enough for tonight.


  1. Beautiful album! Thank you for sharing!

  2. That is such a great mini album and the perfect present! It is really great how you go every year!

  3. Pretty album!!
    Love how you decorated each page!!
    How fun that yours was so ipopular for the gift exchange!!

  4. wowie what a grat album, thanks for sharing!

  5. happy new year! that is a funny game. we played it too this year. i'm not surprised everyone wanted your wonderful album! thanks for sharing!
    hugs, peggy

  6. Your mini album made such an amazing gift!!! I bet you were getting lots of "orders" from the fam. Your reunion page is beautiful :))) Love the organza ribbon and sparkly letters.

  7. Wonderful album Stacy....thanks for sharing:)

  8. Uh, gorgeous! I love your bow-tying ability also!!! pretty!!! I agree with Denise on getting "orders"! :-)