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Saturday, January 14, 2012

We Survived

Well, I guess we survived Friday the 13th!  I didn't even realize it was Friday the 13th until I started blog hopping tonight!  LOL  Did any good scary movies come out? 

It is late, I'm tired and I'm not sure why but I switched over to the new blogger so I'm trying it out.  Probably the wrong time to check things out but what can I say.  This post will be short. 

I am going to post a picture now of some swans and their babies...
Random I 

Weird post but I will do another one when I wake up in the morning.  Night!


  1. Replies
    1. Kelly, they were at a hotel we stayed at. I took a ton of photos but never did anything with them. I can't even remember what trip it was!! LOL I was just being random...ha

  2. Adorable! I tried the new blogger and had to switch back cause my sidebar was gone. I guess they fixed it! How do you like the new blogger?

  3. When was it Friday the 13th??? It can't be past the 13th already! We just celebrated the 1st!! I switched over to the new blogger and I think it is a pain to use! It takes me two extra clicks to get to where I always want to be! Why can't the dashboard always pop up first?? Isn't that were everybody checks first?? I went and feed the ducks and swans today, they were mean and loud and chased the girls. Then we got swarmed by pigeons! Cute pic!

  4. Oh! I forgot to tell you, I plan to use the beet dyed fabric on cards and LO's :) maybe as ribbon too.