Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Some Cards to Share!

Hi guys! Today I bought myself a new desk for my scrap room. I LOVE IT! It was a 50% off sale item from World Bazaar Store. So it was even a bargain! ha
I also set up the new computer I got for Christmas finally. Well, I'm still adding things to it but I'm typing on it right now! woo hoo!
I specifically asked for a bigger monitor and man is it big!!
I still have a ton to do in my room to make it all work but I think it is going to be cool.
I wanted to share a card I made for Sketches4all. I made it with Nikki Sivils Gingerbread land kit goodies. The photo is a little dark because I took it inside at night and I'm too lazy to take another photo! LOL
I also have a card that I made for the Crafter's Companion Informational Blog. We are doing a sneak peek at the new Art Kure Stamps that are launching next week. These stamps are so detailed and so elegant. There are wonderful winter scenes, cozy cottages in the woods and majestic trees. I chose the Spruce Tree. It just called to me. lol
I decided to make a graduation card because I found this awesome quote and it just kind of went with my sketch idea. I used stuff from my stash and one of my new Martha Stewart punches I received for Christmas. LOVE THEM!! I was totally spoiled this Christmas by my Mom. She got me several MS punch sets. Yeah!
I finished out the inside of the card too. I decided to staple the vellum sentiment on the inside. I used brads to attach the one on the front of the card. I still haven't found an adhesive that works well under vellum so those are the two ways I tend to adhere them to my projects. Have you found a good vellum adhesive? Or do you have a creative way to adhere vellum to your projects that you would share?
I just wanted to say hi and to play on my new computer. That's all for tonight. Thanks for stopping by.....Stacy


  1. Love the Merry Christmas card! The paper is fantastic! Perfect graduation card, did you color that tree?? WOOZER! Nice work! Super fun a big desk a big monitor! Can't wait to see the pics! I love seeing craft spaces, I should do a link party with just photos of spaces! So I can't wait to see what Husband got you for Xmas! Mine confessed today that he almost bought me some kind of vacuum thing that runs itself... His words "But I was afraid you would smack me in the head with it Xmas Morning" He is right I would have if he gave me a vacuum! I am super happy that Santa left me the E2!! Of course it was sitting in the living room since Xmas morning, and just yesterday made itself into the upstairs hallway, we will see maybe this weekend it will make it into my craft room!
    Yippee on the MS Punches! They are awesome! I was trying to use the around the page one and had to jump on you tube to get it right! So my Husband and kiddos are off but I am having to work. (It is kinda of nice to get away to work! Is that bad??) Ha! I have been itching to just in my room and play but I have only been able to make a little something here or there! Maybe this weekend!

  2. you must have a super scrap room now! And i really love the stamp of the tree, great card you made with it!

  3. What awesome cards! That tree is so majestic, and the sentiment is perfect for a graduation card. I love the papers! I usually sew vellum on my layouts or attach with brads. If you use the right glue, a liquid, and have the patience, you can use that...just be ready to work at getting the air bubbles out!

    And to answer your question...YES! It is soooo fun to scrap! I missed it :)

  4. Hi Stacy, great Christmas cards! Good job! Thanks for your sweet words on my shaker card. I really enjoyed making that one. Hugs, Frea

  5. Hi Stacy,lovely how you colored the tree stamp:)beautiful MS punch too!!
    And us your new desk :)

  6. These cards are adorable! Nice coloring job on that tree ;)

  7. Great job on the cards-and hurray for getting a new desk! I have a card 99% finished for the CC challenge! :-)

  8. Your desk looks great be continued?????LOL