Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Still testing

Hi! I'm in sunny (currently) Oregon! I am trying out a blogger app for my iPad so please bear with me. I am going to be so excited if this works because I usually can't blog with my iPad.

We are staying in a beautiful house in Newberg. Yesterday it rained off and on but it wasn't that bad. We had a nice day. We went out to eat lunch at Tina's restaurant which was yummy. Then we went to two wineries. The first one was Argyle. They are one of the few wineries that do sparkling wine. They were lovely, the wine was lovely and so was the tasting room. Next we went Ponzi winery They had some nice Pinot Blanc and Pinot noir.

We did some shopping and then went back home and watched the basketball finals. We are for the Thunder and unfortunately they lost the game. Boo. We grilled steaks for dinner.

Today it is sunny and we have been enjoying our coffee outside this morning. I think today will be a relaxing day. Not sure of our plans yet but we do plan to go out to dinner tonight.

If this works, I will try to post a bit of a travel blog this week. Okay, I'm off now to get more coffee.


  1. Stacy, So happy to hear you are having a great time, hun!

  2. Sounds like you have having fun, keep it up!